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VANAGON archives – August 2011, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. '84 Coolant pipes question

  2. 1.5 Volt only at clock

  3. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IFBTQS0gd2VhciBzYWZldHkgZ2xhc3NlcyB3aGVuIHdvcmtpbmcgd2l0aCBzcHJpbmdzIQ==?=

  4. A/C hose blew!

  5. Added info

  6. All ground wires on 85 vanagon

  7. Battery Compartment ground cable; Was: Dead (almost) in the garage

  8. Battery Sages

  9. Battery Sages..Not 100% Vanagon specific, but applicable..

  10. Battery/Starter/Wiring issue 1985 Westy w/ 2.1L & 4sp

  11. Bostig Bumper Project

  12. Buses By The Depot & BusDepot Warehouse Sale - Sat Oct 1 (PA)

  13. Catalina 2500 Awning Bottom Bracket source?

  14. Coolant level warning light switch

  15. Craigslist Ad

  16. Difference in expansion tanks?

  17. Driver seat charging station ideas?

  18. First follow-up - RE: Battery/Starter/Wiring issue 1985 Westy w/ 2.1L & 4sp

  19. Fixed: Re: 1.5 Volt only at clock

  20. Follow-up odd noise on new gowesty engine

  21. Minimum spares kit. Was: Alternator Brushes Wore Out Pretty Darn Quick

  22. NVC: Metal Shavings in Eye - Tip

  23. PSA- wear safety glasses when working with springs!

  24. Power steering line question

  25. Radio DIN for 1982 camper

  26. Rear End Rumble

  27. Rear Seat Doesn't LIne Up

  28. Rear hatch needed on east coast...please

  29. Refrigerator lighting

  30. Renting my vans

  31. Swiss Bus & Bug Meet

  32. US Pro Cycling in Colorado - Westies seen on TV

  33. Westy side windows for sale, delivery to parts of the SouthEast

  34. WhatsItCalled

  35. Where to buy Camper tires

  36. clamps for cv boots, ridged washers for cv bolts

  37. vanagon Digest - 27 Aug 2011 to 28 Aug 2011 - Special issue (#2011-699)
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