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VANAGON archives – December 2014, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '90 Westy spotted

  2. 15" Wheels

  3. 16 and 17 inch wheels.

  4. 87 Westy overheating after coolant change

  5. 89 syncro right rear light cover

  6. =?UTF-8?B?UmU6IEJ1cyBEZXBvdCDigJMgb3BlbiBvbiAxMi8zMT8=?=

  7. =?UTF-8?Q?Bus_Depot_=E2=80=93_open_on_12=2F31=3F?=

  8. =?utf-8?Q?RE:_Bus_Depot_=E2=80=93_open_on_12/31=3F?=

  9. Air bags

  10. Also great stop especially if you like vintage model tractors Home - Big John Super

  11. Auto back up switch

  12. Automatic reply: vanagon Digest - 24 Dec 2014 - Unfinished

  13. Bentley 258 ft/lbs Front Axle Nut

  14. Bob Hoover - Midnight Repairs


  16. Digital clock won't work

  17. Holidays & LLSD

  18. How does water even get in here? (Side window lip rust). And questions about window seals and adhesive.

  19. I just found a napkin with this and I had written VW friendly place

  20. Iow idle problem follow-up

  21. Isolating an idle problem?

  22. More Blue Van Pics, maybe...

  23. Oil leak - 2.1L

  24. Oil pressure light

  25. Raising a Westy

  26. Rear Heater Core Tips

  27. Rear heater core tips

  28. Sealant on poptop bolts?

  29. Solar collector

  30. The Clock is always troublesome

  31. Trying to understand starter stuff

  32. Trying to understand starter stuff adding a relay

  33. Trying to understand starter stuff adding a relay failure points

  34. Trying to understand starter stuff adding a relay-Another thought!

  35. Unsubscribe

  36. Vanagon Shenanagons!

  37. WTB: Kenwood Stereo Face Plate.

  38. WTB: crappy condition jump seat

  39. What vanagon items did Santa bring you?

  40. [Syncro] bURNINGvAN 2015 is almost upon us!

  41. [WetWesties] WTB: Kenwood Stereo Face Plate.

  42. adjusting rear brakes!

  43. adjusting rear brakes! removing rear drums

  44. adjusting rear brakes! removing rear drums Bolt sizes!

  45. starting issue with '81 Vanagon

  46. super cheap 88k orig mi. '87 westy for sale $4000
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