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VANAGON archives – May 2005, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. 3-day camping weekend in the Appalacians

  2. <No subject>

  3. A/C Work Done but Failed. Long Version

  4. An assortment of delectible questions

  5. Anyone dealt with Precision Sales Co for electric gadgets?

  6. Bio Diesel

  7. Blinking Coolant LED light and other cooling issues

  8. Burning Man

  9. Can anyone run a Carfax report for me?

  10. Comments wanted about J & J VW Vans in Reno

  11. Conflicting Turn Signals

  12. Congrats to the Canucks

  13. Correct hub caps

  14. ETKA 6

  15. Emergency. Stranded in Pleasanton, CA!

  16. F.S. 1989 Westfalia

  17. FS: '85 vanagon singlecab pickup truck $600 US

  18. Finding TDC revisited

  19. Frank's mail's bouncing.

  20. Fuel filter??

  21. Halifax to Vancouver & back

  22. Hard steering

  23. Hi-Power TDI Vanagon observations

  24. How best to mount a motorized CB antenna?

  25. Life expectancy of valve cover gaskets?

  26. Manual Vanagon Transmissions - used vs. rebuilt

  27. Maps, and Maps (and NVC)

  28. Message for Barb Cotton

  29. New VW Sales Gimmick

  30. New lifter Valve clearance

  31. O2 Sensor 85 motor to 87 motor compatibility Question.

  32. Oakland / Berkely VW

  33. Oil leak at the rear of a 2.1

  34. Oil leak at the rear of a 2.1 - use Brake Parts cleaner...

  35. Performance chips?

  36. Proper storage of a used fuel pump?

  37. Pushrod tube help and healing

  38. Remaned Drive shafts

  39. Replacement bulbs needed...#'s & sources...anyone?

  40. SA grille install (from square headlights)

  41. The Official Must-Carry List ; was Zoltan: Re: Halifax to Vancouver & back

  42. Toyota Hiace images

  43. Transmission advice needed 3-4 syncro hype? (Also higher gear)

  44. Traveling lighter... a goal... Kayak carriers, Lake Superior?

  45. Unsubscribe

  46. Vanagon List working ?

  47. Way off Vanagon content but of interest to older Vanagon owners.

  48. What kind of money can you make parting out a non camper van w/Jetta engi...

  49. What kind of money can you make parting out a non camper van w/Jetta engine?

  50. What type of Brake Fluid

  51. Zoltan: Re: Halifax to Vancouver & back

  52. biodiesel

  53. brighter tail lights - again

  54. can I put 6 1/2" speakers in a Westy?

  55. denver area U pull it finds

  56. difficult shifting

  57. driving without an exhaust system?

  58. electric mirror trouble...

  59. engine rattle resolved

  60. exhaust coatings...

  61. extra tickets: Bonnaroo Music Festival June 10-12

  62. fair winds to you all

  63. folding kayaks

  64. fridge

  65. fridge mod - prelim results

  66. hard shifting - different problem

  67. lifter that doesn't stay pumped up?

  68. lots of thanks!

  69. mattress dimensions

  70. mattress dimensions..rear mattresses for sale

  71. new engine, mechanics in Boulder, CO

  72. oil questioning the wisdom of the list

  73. recommendation needed for mechanic near oakland, ca

  74. starter spins, doesn't engage?

  75. whether Joy is going to BusFusion, and lots of thanks! (was E: Message for Barb Cotton
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