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VANAGON archives – February 2013, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "improved" efi?

  2. 12 Volt + Wire Up Rear Pillar? (vent)

  3. 1987 Vanagon GL Westfalia For Sale in Boulder, CO

  4. 2WD Beach Driving

  5. <No subject>

  6. Another 84, Westy, for sale in Bend, Ore.

  7. Blinker LED goes solid, sometimes....

  8. Blinker weirdness

  9. Camper pricing was Re: Friday Philosophy: On Community

  10. Copious Fuel Leak at Both Manifolds

  11. Copious Fuel Leak at Both Manifolds-Crimp clamps

  12. Friday Philosophy: On Community

  13. Front outer cv joint protectors

  14. Fuel Lines

  15. Fw: WTB:

  16. Fwd: Re: [VANAGON] 2WD Beach Driving

  17. How Much Can I Tow With My Bostig Syncro?

  18. Looking for Ronal R28 16x7.5 ET35 rim or similar

  19. More on Westy Prices

  20. On the road trip report 1

  21. Outdoor gear at great prices

  22. Rear trac

  23. Refurbished roof

  24. Removing alloy wheel center cap

  25. Rock auto = smoking rock on shipping prices

  26. Roof Rack Off. Comments. PIC.

  27. Should be: "Luggage" Rack Off. Comments. PIC.

  28. Spillbuster cup/glass holder

  29. Subie powered Westy FS

  30. Subject: use of airbags to level van, spare tire, auto trans

  31. TCWBC 2013 Trip Report

  32. Upholstery Re-cover Swatch Opinion? ('81 Westy)

  33. VW Camper Van Tent!

  34. VW rebuilt parts

  35. WTB: green tweed seat

  36. Wheel cap

  37. Yup, I solidly guarantee ALL my work, (here I go into the AT again)

  38. blinking coolant light

  39. den jolliffe

  40. euro syncro westy with some cool options

  41. friday rant.. craigslist is a JOKE. nvc

  42. fuel management system

  43. naturalbus rafflebus

  44. spring/shock replacement.

  45. use of airbags to level van, spare tire, auto trans

  46. vanagon Digest - 14 Feb 2013 to 15 Feb 2013 - Special issue (#2013-91)

  47. very minor glove compartment/dash light mod
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