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VANAGON archives – December 2008, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. "83 Westy Seat Arm Rest Question

  2. 11th Hour on the 86 Syncro shell

  3. AW Owner & SdM Alumni in The News, Tough Lady- Harmony Bates

  4. AW Owner in The News, Tough Lady

  5. Battery cable question

  6. Carfax Anyone?

  7. Carfax please?

  8. E-Code Headlights

  9. E-Code Headlights [sparse vanagon content]

  10. E-Code Headlights [sparse vanagon content] Sparse indeed

  11. E-Code Headlights...enough already.

  12. FS: Syncro Westfalia cheap!

  13. Fuel filter 85 Vanagon

  14. Fuel filter 85 vanagon

  15. H&R / Bilstein package on eBay

  16. Hanging Clutch Disc

  17. Lot of Vanagon stuff on eBay!

  18. Now see the movie....

  19. PS Re: Voltage Drop - Less than 3% - 15 feet, 2/0,

  20. Secret $15 steel wheel source

  21. So how are the TR 16x7 steelies?

  22. Split Weld Seam

  23. Transmission Noise ?

  24. stickers?

  25. Voltage Drop - Less than 3% - 15 feet, 2/0,

  26. Voltage Drop - Less than 3% - 15 feet, 2/0, 150 Amps is on target

  27. What are ...

  28. [Syncro] Lot of Vanagon stuff on eBay!

  29. [Syncro] Re: [WetWesties] Split Weld Seam

  30. [WetWesties] AW Owner in The News, Tough Lady

  31. [WetWesties] Split Weld Seam

  32. check your firewall fuel line fittings! the 2nd main cause of engine fires

  33. demise of an olde year ...

  34. fix hole in battery

  35. got hit by a front end loader

  36. key doesn't work

  37. key not working

  38. list folks in the news!

  39. need tires for 90 westy

  40. oil drain threads stripped

  41. sliding door handle key lock cylinder - swithing one over to a new handle.,

  42. where to advertise westy for sale

  43. where to advertise westy for sale added link
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