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VANAGON archives – January 2013, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. !RE: Spotted this unique VW camper in Jerome

  2. '84 Westy for sale in Bend, Oregon (not mine)

  3. 2wd springs into syncro update

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  5. =?utf-8?B?RnJpZGF5OiBjcmFwcHkgcHJvZHVjdCByZXBvcnQuLm90?=

  6. =?utf-8?B?SGVyZSdzIGEgbmV3IG9uZS4uLg==?=

  7. =?utf-8?B?U29sYXIgPw==?=

  8. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IFRFUlJJQkxFIEdBUyBNSUxFQUdFL1J1bm5pbmcgQ29sZD8=?=

  9. Automatic reply: Body work '86 Vanagon Camper

  10. BA-6 (?) Gas Heater Relay PN: 211 963 135

  11. Baja Trip

  12. Blinking Temp LED and Falling Fuel Gauge

  13. Body work '86 Vanagon Camper

  14. Buses by the Bridge trip photos

  15. Chains for your whip (was whips and chains, O My)

  16. Cold weather, short trips

  17. Coolant Overpressurization / Head Gasket Leak

  18. Dog is my co-pilot!

  19. Don't clip your replies! (Friday discussion fodder)

  20. Don't clip your replies!-- now how to search the archives

  21. ECU/ECM

  22. Electrical Gremlin of Jan 18 has been detected

  23. Fri. Gas pedal control..

  24. Friday Philosophy: On Previous Owners

  25. Friday-Subaru poem

  26. Fw: Battery report

  27. Fwd: Trip Report: Baja California over Xmas/New Year (Part 2)

  28. Here's a new one...

  29. Ignition Switch "Su" Power

  30. Now: Jetta ECU-Coil Amp Draw Was: Ignition Switch "Su"...

  31. Offtopic - Anyone in Cologne Germany?

  32. Radiator/grill rattle at highway speed.

  33. Rear Whell Bearings Adjustment

  34. Rock Auto "Close Out" Parts.

  35. Rodent damage-what works for me

  36. Scott: common knowledge?

  37. Should I re-use this radius arm?

  38. Solar ?

  39. Spotted this unique VW camper in Jerome

  40. Stuff I did on my van today (finishing heater box refurb and misc dash-off stuff)

  41. TERRIBLE GAS MILEAGE/Running Cold?

  42. Travel Blog

  43. Trip Report: Baja California over Xmas/New Year (Part 1)

  44. Trip Report: Baja California over Xmas/New Year (Part 2)

  45. What is this part?

  46. Wire Damage from Rodent(s)

  47. clean '87 westy for sale in NC for cheap!! $4800

  48. intermittent wobble at around 45 and above

  49. is this part of my heater?

  50. long term parking on hills

  51. places where rodents get into vanagons... save this list!!

  52. radius arm hole looks awefully wonky.

  53. short weekend trip

  54. vanagon Digest - 26 Jan 2013 to 27 Jan 2013 (#2013-51)
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