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VANAGON archives – August 2003, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. (The glass is) Half vs. Full Westy

  2. Advice please

  3. Alternator replacement

  4. Anyone with good used injectors?

  5. Aux battery relay???

  6. Breaking joint btween header and converter?

  7. Buckin' Like a Bronco, Stalling

  8. Cabrio buying tips? - NVC

  9. Clutch Kit Pictures

  10. Clutch Pic Web Page

  11. Collecting grey water

  12. Dr. Diesel meets Mr. Harley

  13. FIXED: 88 Westy running rich and missing

  14. FS Westy TENT for $8500 .... with a 90 Westy in Apalachin NY

  15. Fate of the pop-top

  16. Favorite repair shop in the SF Bay Area?

  17. Fixed Propane (profane?) Fridge

  18. Fixed Propane Fridge

  19. For Sale in SW PA - Interiors

  20. Friday: "No One Makes It To Burning Man Festival"

  21. Fuel line??

  22. Full Westy (spatial profiling)

  23. Full Westy vs "Weekender" Pop-Top Westy

  24. Fwd: Mosquito Alert...

  25. Generic exhaust gasket material

  26. Help needed - time to sue my mechanic ...

  27. Introduction and brief vacation report

  28. It's still Friday, so..

  29. It's still friday, so..

  30. It's still friday, so.. >

  31. It's still friday, so.. Impromptu poll

  32. JETTA FOR SALE! Great second car!

  33. New 0xygen Sensor Alternative

  34. Other cars ??

  35. Question Re: AC compressor install in Tiico or inline-4 conversions

  36. Refurbish propane tank

  37. RoadHaus - Oil Leak / Final Diagnosis & Partial Fix

  38. Symptom of vacuum line collapse or leaks

  39. Temp sensor removal

  40. There are 4 models as I see it.Re: full westy -vs- weekender

  41. Trade wolfs Interior for Westy Interior?

  42. Troubleshooting drinking water pump

  43. UPDATE: automatic transmission adjusting

  44. What a day...

  45. What do you drive as your second vehicle

  46. What do you drive as your second vehicle? Why?

  47. What is the fate of the pop-top??

  48. Who has a lift in their garage?

  49. Winter tires?Nokian not Available???

  50. [WetWesties] Troubleshooting drinking water pump

  51. [all who helped me] Re:A Vanagon mystery? Please Help

  52. [vanagon] Temp indicator flashing light saga

  53. automatic transmission adjusting

  54. exhaust header thread repair gone wrong?

  55. full westy -vs- weekender

  56. help in san diego: finding things

  57. is it still Friday??

  58. leaking coolant from valve cover?

  59. lower cooling hose thingy...

  60. need westy mudflaps

  61. sticking lifter cure?

  62. ticking ecu in '86 westy

  63. urban stealth camping..
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