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VANAGON archives – August 2013, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '87 2.1 Engine running rich

  2. '88 GL Muffler Change - a big PITB!!!

  3. 86 Westfalia Subaru conversion questions

  4. 87 westy FS custom bumpers

  5. Bluestar FS..Re: Vanagons FS in Duluth, MN

  6. Broken Down - Alberta - Won't Start

  7. Broken Stabilizer Link

  8. Campout report: Buses of The Corn 2013

  9. Coming soon - Unca Joel's Volksiebus

  10. Electrical Math Check Please? (Westy Solar Panel)

  11. Emissions Continued

  12. FS: Vanagon AW w/Subaru eng. & locking differential

  13. Failed Emissions - High HC at Idle

  14. Faucet hose connections

  15. Faucet install tips wanted

  16. Foiled 88 Westy

  17. German quality?

  18. Help: Howto replace westy propane regulator with busdepot aftermarket

  19. Horns

  20. Led Brake lamps and audiovox cruise control

  21. List success with rear wiper motor replacement

  22. Looking for a cargo bag

  23. Looking for new TBS # 067906028 (was Idle Surge)

  24. Massachusetts Westy for sale

  25. Newbie question

  26. Paint job pricing

  27. Paint job pricing-Doing the exhaust right!

  28. Portland, OR engine rebuilder

  29. Rocky Mountain Westy Storage Box / Propex install

  30. Rocky Mountain Westy storage/Propex box install pictures

  31. SAM's Floor Jacks

  32. Screen shot how to?

  33. Specifications for Vanagons

  34. Switch Question

  35. Syncro Westy for sale <70k miles

  36. Tips? Toronto to Calgary through Canada

  37. Transmission broke or broken in

  38. VW Parts Pricing

  39. VW Parts Pricing-Now VW's In Old Movies

  40. Vanagons FS in Duluth, MN

  41. Wanted: Tips and Tricks - Muffler Removal - '88GL

  42. Wanted: Tips and Tricks - Muffler Removal - '88GL-Bracket direction

  43. Water spout question

  44. [WetWesties] On the road, keep losing power

  45. bumper build update

  46. interesting vanagon... LOL

  47. needs help in Tok Alaska

  48. needs help in Tok Alaska, SOLVED!

  49. sliding door fix?

  50. trip report - Loup Creek

  51. vanagon Digest - 9 Aug 2013 (#2013-358)
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