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VANAGON archives – December 2000, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. !non-vanagon content : poll: would you buy a new beetle?

  2. (3A) 2.0L engine....anyone, anyone??

  3. 16" Syncro DC now home & Port Hueneme

  4. 26.7 MPG seem normal for a diesel?

  5. <No subject>

  6. Broken manifold bolt

  7. Broken manifold bolt,

  8. Bulley? What Bulley?

  9. CV Joints knocking?

  10. Cleaning K&N filters ??

  11. Easy-Lucrative-Much Needed Service-Home Based Business 28690

  12. Engine replacement $4,000 CDN

  13. FAB Cupholders

  14. FS: 85 lights&grill

  15. Floormats for Diesel Vanagon

  16. Floormats for Diesel Vanagon -- OH YES!

  17. For those of you who miss my writing

  18. Fuel Filter and Fuel Pump

  19. Fw: Re: WHINING

  20. Fw: losing power

  21. Happy New Year!/I blew another coolant hose...

  22. Hard Start Fixed

  23. Help w/ part identification.....

  24. Is blocking off rear heater ok?

  25. Lighting options - again.

  26. Need trailor hitch....

  27. New Bus?

  28. New Year Trip

  29. New Years Greetings (no vanagon content)

  30. New beetle. New Bus? Nah.

  31. New beetle?

  32. Plain Text

  33. Re; Lighting options

  34. Rectangular H4's for a reasonable price

  35. Replacement antenna

  36. SA lights

  37. Salt Spots/Rust

  38. Saludos de Mexico! (minimal Vanagon content)

  39. Satellite TV - Pay Nothing, Nada, Zip dfgh

  40. Some Oettinger Six info

  41. Spare tire: up or down? & Karma

  42. Stuck Head

  43. Subaru Powered Westy for sale

  44. Subject: !non-vanagon content : poll: would you buy a new beetle?

  45. Tire Update

  46. Vehicle importation details for Port Hueneme, California


  48. WTB:Steel Wheels

  49. Wasserboxer engine for sale in Seattle....

  50. Whining & Other Solutions

  51. Windshield washer motor not working

  52. Won't Start, 1984 Vanagon

  53. auxiallary battery

  54. cold weather leaks

  55. cup holders

  56. euro look back to 80's look

  57. felt sealing washer on diesel clutch?

  58. fueling

  59. happy new year

  60. happy new year..and for those of you with '91 vanagons........

  61. how to change AFM track?

  62. jbweld on exhaust

  63. loans free

  64. losing power

  65. please set email clients to text only

  66. prayer to the waterpump god

  67. square lights + grill maybe for sale

  68. steering problem

  69. text only, and transmission question

  70. vanagon body rust problem

  71. very surprising Eurovan sighting

  72. wasser prayers worked!
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