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VANAGON archives – June 2006, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. "Not (with) My Hai ku"

  2. 13 watt helical bulb in bus

  3. 85 Manual 7 Pass. for sale at junk yard in MA - $600

  4. AC Receiver Drier 253260633"D" vs 253260633"E"

  5. Ambient temperatures under/inside (rel. to Dometic perf.)

  6. An idea deserving a Friday post -- waterboxing the Dometic

  7. Anyone tried wine in their coolant pipes ??? ;o)

  8. Audi S4 springs - what are those ?

  9. BA6 in a cheap westy that is on ebay

  10. Battery Demand Calculator [LVC]

  11. Bogging 1.9

  12. CIS Vanagon engine conversion Question

  13. Charcoal Filter & Valve workings

  14. Coolant pipes replacement

  15. Dometic question. (yes did search archives.... ;^)

  16. FS: '71 Westy

  17. FS: 1987 VW Vanagon Syncro $3000 OBO

  18. Fryedaigh: Vanagon Haiku

  19. Fryedaigh: Vanagon Haiku (my spoof)

  20. Fw: Pop-top canvas replacement.

  21. How to Remove Front Door Glass? (Bentley is not Helpful)

  22. Idle Stabilizer Control Box

  23. Idle Vanagon Question - upgrading engine

  24. Installing New Fuel Tank: Tips?

  25. LAST CALL: Pre-Registration For Buses Of The Corn ends tomorrow!

  26. Looking for good used 2.1l engine complete

  27. North America ETKA

  28. Other stuff to check for rust-out (was Coolant pipes replacement)

  29. Overhead Westy light

  30. Overhead Westy light - aux battery wiring

  31. Pop-top canvas replacement.

  32. R12 or R134 - How to distinguish?

  33. Rear A/C mod (was getting cooler air to the front)

  34. Repainting Emblems

  35. Replacing antenna, "key"

  36. Replacing the antenna (non power)

  37. SAE Fuel hose rating

  38. Subject: getting cooler air to the front

  39. Subject: getting cooler air to the front in a Westy

  40. Thanks [Re: Idle Vanagon Question - upgrading engine]


  42. VLVC: anyone going to the US GP?

  43. WTB stove/sink/fridge cabinet

  44. Was Shearing Axles... now, Axle shafts for Sale?

  45. Windshield w/o cracks/hairline issues

  46. You know you're a Westy owner when...

  47. Your message to vanagon-request@GERRY.VANAGON.COM

  48. [Fwd: Re: Re: Coolant pipes replacement]

  49. [Syncro] Subject: getting cooler air to the front in a Westy

  50. another discussion point on coolant system corrosion

  51. anyone got a gauge cluster out?

  52. aux batteries and stereos

  53. badge

  54. drive (V)-belt deflection

  55. email to Frank (was RE: Pop-top canvas replacement.

  56. fair price for engine transfer?

  57. front AC

  58. getting cooler air to the front in a Westy

  59. got cool air to the front!

  60. jammed driver seat

  61. late model curtain "shelf" install query

  62. lighting efficiency

  63. middle seat FS

  64. new brakes bleed five times still spongy

  65. rear wiper inop

  66. replacing the engine

  67. solid mirror frame / gasket . . side glass (middle)

  68. vanagon Digest - 29 Jun 2006 - Special issue (#2006-546)

  69. was: Overhead Westy light - aux battery wiring

  70. was: Overhead Westy light - aux battery wiring now: wiper law NVC
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