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VANAGON archives – March 2007, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. 12 volt timer

  2. 5/8" heater hose questions (searched archive)

  3. 6k Road Trip w/Westy with 142K miles

  4. Announcing My Candidacy-Lack of Posts-Any Volks Out there?

  5. Attn: Electrical Gurus! (I searched archives)

  6. B A 6 heater

  7. Brake question

  8. Brown Dash Pad

  9. Burning Man / Repaint ? (LVC)

  10. Burning Man? (LVC)

  11. Bus Depot Now Hiring!

  12. Cabin air recirc bench test VIDEO

  13. Carb Conversion Question

  14. Coolant Hose Inside Diameter Reducers

  15. Cooling System Pressure Testing - make your own tool

  16. Euro-spec Digifant ECU?

  17. FS: 87 Syncro Westy Weekender (sorry for the long post)

  18. Failed CA Smog

  19. Friday ride

  20. FryeDaye Funny - "You're So Fired & I'm So Rich!"

  21. Fuel delivery rate fun

  22. Fuel pressure test gauge

  23. Fwd: Thermistat ???

  24. Hemp lovers joy!

  25. How to install Wiper Shaft

  26. Lack of Posts-Any Volks Out there?

  27. Lots of white smoke from exhaust

  28. Luggage Rack Pix

  29. New Member with smoke problem.

  30. O2 Sensor - situation 90' 2.1 (kinda long)

  31. Phriday

  32. Road Trip To Santa Cruz - pictures

  33. Road trip to Santa Cruz - pictures

  34. SPAM-MED: RE: Failed CA Smog

  35. Seeking Comments, Quick Shifter

  36. Shed one more bit of light on the fridge light, please

  37. Shirts

  38. Speedometers

  39. Surging between 1700 and 3000 rpm

  40. Syncro de Mayo EAST 2007

  41. Syncro fuel sender ...

  42. Test

  43. Thermistat ???

  44. Thermostat ???

  45. VW concept (no Vanagon content)

  46. Vanagon T-Shirts - COLOR?

  47. Vanagon T-Shirts - LAST CALL

  48. Vanagon T-Shirts - VOTE RESULTS

  49. White smoke from exhaust - update

  50. Window A/C Mount

  51. Wiring Harness Differences

  52. [NVC} Personal Servers on a home PC

  53. alko shock failure

  54. any MD's in the house? help with windshield removal tool...

  55. fuel supply testing

  56. internal head gasket leak or not?

  57. pressure testing for internal head gasket leak..

  58. speedo cable replacement

  59. spring break trip

  60. squeaky front end

  61. squeaky front end-TEMPORARY fix

  62. stumble at 1/4 tank or so

  63. thermostat

  64. type 4 mains

  65. vanagon "LT" style truck mirrors on ebay
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