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VANAGON archives – December 1999, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. '83 Westy Fridge Won't Light

  2. '83 Westy with a nice cool fridge

  3. '87 Vanagon shudders in Reverse

  4. (F) Microsoft Cars

  5. /F Red Green quote

  6. 81 Vanagon makes loud ticking noise near center of engine?

  7. 85 for sale

  8. ABS

  9. Back-of-front-seat-Organizer

  10. Best / Worst Car

  11. Best cars: was Re: worst cars

  12. Blinking Reverse Lights

  13. Boiling water in Westy(f), was: Warm water heating staff Campingstar in Reimo catalog

  14. Brown Westy Sighting in Chicago

  15. Build your own camper book from Eurocampers

  16. CRASH - The computer, not the van

  17. Camping Lantern

  18. Cheers

  19. Christmas in Georgia (Long)

  20. Cleaning CVs

  21. Diesel fuel information from shell.

  22. Digitool and Instrument Cluster LEDs

  23. Drive shaft installation

  24. Fuel Injectors Improvement Maintanence

  25. Fwd: Re: Road weary

  26. Gas tank size

  27. Getting rid of tailgaters

  28. Getting rid of tailgaters, was: Strobing Reverse Lights -- bright light

  29. Getting rid of tailgaters,was: Strobing Reverse Lights -- bright light

  30. Getting rid of tailgaters/ f

  31. HELP - Slider won't stay closed

  32. Happy New T3-Year

  33. Happy new year ??

  34. Headrests for the backseat of a Westy?

  35. Hot Water for Westy

  36. Hot Water for Westy, was: Warm water heating staff Campingstar in Reimo catalog

  37. Hot water without electical drain

  38. I Need a Syncro!!!!!!HELP!

  39. I'm Back! Also, Hot water with no drain

  40. Idaho Vanaru?

  41. Idaho Vanaru? Now Conversions

  42. Ideal Donor

  43. Idle

  44. Instrument cluster on ebay

  45. Intermittent knocking/rattle sound

  46. It's alway something.......

  47. Justifying Cost of Diesel Conversion


  49. Magliotzzi? Bros. was: Worst cars??

  50. Milage

  51. Mileage

  52. Mileage ?

  53. Millennium-Proof Westy

  54. More counter-intuition re traction (some token VW content)

  55. More on the - '83 Westy Fridge Won't Light

  56. My CV problem has escalated!

  57. NAPA hose cross reference?

  58. Napa hose cross

  59. New person says Hello and Happy New Year

  60. Outside US folk?

  61. Performance Upgrades?

  62. Phinal Menu re Mock Millenium Part: all invited(F)

  63. Real video clips from diesel injection service

  64. Relocating syncro fuel filter

  65. Road Salt Rust Problems/Hidden Damage On Vanagons

  66. Road Salt Rust Problems/Hidden Damage On Vanagons??

  67. Road Weary

  68. Road weary

  69. ST. PAUL to CAROLINA...22hrs.(pant-pant!)

  70. Speedo cluster on Ebay

  71. Speedo cluster on Ebay {no vanagon content)

  72. Starting Problem

  73. Strobing Reverse Lights -- bright light

  74. Syncro Gas Tank Capacity ('Mileage')

  75. Syncro Shaft

  76. Syncro diff light!!!!!!

  77. Syncro shocks - OME group purchase

  78. Syncro shocks - group purchase?

  79. Syncro shocks-group purchase

  80. Tiresize

  81. Transaxle -- Failure?

  82. VW Week.

  83. Vanagon Versatility

  84. Vanagon questions

  85. Vanagon/VW lock info

  86. WTB automatick tranny

  87. Wanted: Rear AC housing

  88. Warm water heating staff Campingstar in Reimo catalog

  89. Was HELP - now THANKS!

  90. Water key (was more lock info)

  91. What model year did 2.1 begin?

  92. Will 88 Weekender Wolfsburg (lowered) springs work on 85 Westy?

  93. Worst cars??

  94. [Fwd: Mileage ?]

  95. another coolant leak and solution

  96. head gasket leak

  97. head temp gauge

  98. insulation

  99. looking for part

  100. more lock info

  101. pop top canvas replacement

  102. pop top cleaning

  103. rear heater

  104. rear heater core leak?

  105. source for westy springs

  106. wanted 1980-1898

  107. water key

  108. worst cars
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