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VANAGON archives – November 2005, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '83 Vanagon GL for Sale

  2. 1984 Vanagon GL

  3. 78 VW Bus transport

  4. 80/81 Factory Manual

  5. 81 Westy engine - does anyone know what this sensor is or does?

  6. AC saga

  7. Adjustable Voltage Regulator FS

  8. Auto Tranny Symptoms & Advice?

  9. Automatic transmission questions

  10. Awnings: Fiamma vs. A&E

  11. Ball Joint Replacement Time

  12. Closet Modification

  13. Clunking in rear even after replaced wheel bearings???

  14. Das Blinkenlights

  15. Das Blinkenlights, continued

  16. ETKA North American and ETKA Euro on the same computer

  17. Exhaust Pipe Rust Prevention

  18. FMBC

  19. FS - Yakima highrise tower racks

  20. FS 86 Vanaogn in Reno, NV $900

  21. FS 88 westy west of Boston

  22. FS: UK 92 16" SYNCRO Doka (project van)

  23. Free! Free! Free!

  24. Front rubber mats

  25. Front rubber mats... edit last post

  26. Fuel Filter and Gas Tank

  27. HIT DELETE NOW - This is only a test!

  28. Hankook Vanagon tires are back!

  29. Heater problems

  30. Hello & FS: Vanagon & Syncro dealer only videos

  31. Hello All, I am back after my fiery blaze.. Have some questions...

  32. How to store WESTY for LONG-TERM STORAGE (1yr+)??

  33. I need a full throttle switch

  34. I'm getting spoof p-mail

  35. I'm getting spoof p-mail (NVC)

  36. I'm getting spoof p-mail -tracked most

  37. Inline 4 conversion

  38. Installing an Adeventurewagen roof on a Westfalia

  39. Look Ma, no (gas) smell!

  40. Mozilla

  41. NVC - Search For Good

  42. Name your price for used 85 1.9L parts!

  43. Name your price for used 85 1.9L parts!-Looks like all the parts are SOLD!

  44. New Book - VW Camper Conversions 1951 to 2005

  45. Normal Voltage readings for 2nd battery?

  46. On the road again?

  47. Oxygen Sensor Conversion Wiring

  48. Pedal to the metal

  49. Pedal to the metal (revisited)

  50. Power and brute force

  51. RE : Clunking in rear even after replaced wheel bearin

  52. Rear hatch question

  53. Salvage yards in San Diego

  54. Speaking of hybrid conversions

  55. Speed

  56. Starter Problems update

  57. Stranded - How do you change belts?

  58. Subject: Speed

  59. Tom F.'s christmas party?

  60. Top Speed

  61. UPDATE: found a turn signal (was Re: left front turn signal near Pittsburgh?)

  62. UPDATE: founda turn signal (was Re: left front turn signal near Pittsburgh?)

  63. Uninstalling ETKA

  64. VIN decoder website...

  65. Vanagon Westy Rear Closet Modification - update

  66. WTB: Curtain Rods

  67. Wanted: Wiring Harness for '84

  68. Wanted: black front doorpanels

  69. Water in the oil update, again

  70. Westy Rear Closet Modifications

  71. Westy Single Center Seat For Sale

  72. WetWesties & speed... (will be gone Friday)

  73. Wierd (Ignition?) Problem...

  74. Window Seals, scrapers, etc, etc

  75. [NVC] - What a fun family movie! Must see!**

  76. adoptin ac from a 7 passenger into a westy

  77. anyone know Michael Norden who owns a light grey Doka?

  78. changing auto transmission

  79. driving without a clutch- was Pedal to the metal (revisited)

  80. fuel filter and gas tank questions

  81. happy thanksgiving all you TURKEYS!

  82. headlight relay installation problems...

  83. left front turn signal near Pittsburgh?

  84. looking for Rubber boot for air circulation blower on gas heater 85GL

  85. mold in pop top in north west moist winter climate?

  86. nvc, does anybody have a current cafax acct?

  87. oil in coolant... a strange event!

  88. photo of hot start relay install?

  89. rear facing seats for vanagon?

  90. removing armrest from middle bench? (in '84)

  91. resealing heads... what else should i do? rings?

  92. rust

  93. salvage yards in San Diego area

  94. the high+pop-top

  95. vanagon for sale in austin $

  96. vanagon people or mechanics north of Ithaca, NY

  97. vanagons rule germany again!

  98. which windshield wiper to get? (my bosch excels have been disappointing)

  99. window replacement, almost back on the road

  100. windshield replacment prep
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