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VANAGON archives – August 2011, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '84 Coolant pipes question

  2. 1984 for sale

  3. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IEluaXRpYWwgc3RhcnQgZmFpbHVyZXM=?=

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  5. =?utf-8?Q?Valve=2Ftappot=20clatter?=

  6. A/C hose blew!

  7. All ground wires on 85 vanagon

  8. Alternator Brushes Wore Out Pretty Darn Quick

  9. Another naive battery question

  10. Anyone in the Port Angeles area?

  11. Aux. Battery relay study

  12. BAD gas mileage and injector service

  13. Battery Compartment ground cable; Was: Dead (almost) in the garage

  14. Best speaker placement in front doors?

  15. Brake Lights on - won't go off

  16. Buses By The Depot & BusDepot Warehouse Sale - Sat Oct 1 (PA)

  17. Can't find this color anywhere

  18. Catalina 2500 Awning Bottom Bracket source?

  19. Choosing a case sealer

  20. Cleaning the fiberglass top

  21. Coolant Strangeness

  22. Dead (almost) in the garage

  23. Diesel injection pump leaking

  24. Diesel starter differences, Was Re: Starter motor do-it-yourself rebuild

  25. Don't Leave Home Without Them: Hoses/Clamps

  26. Dumb Battery charger?

  27. Electrical Fire in the Engine Bay

  28. Engine Bay Electrical Fire

  29. FYI - upcoming VW events in the Upstate NY (syracuse & beyond) region

  30. Front Blinkers are super Dim

  31. Frydaye Funnee - Burning Man

  32. Getting the dgk-126 seal kit

  33. Good source of used parts?

  34. Help with AAZ FIP leak in Lake Tahoe area

  35. Hope everyone is safe

  36. Hurricane surprise

  37. Ignition lock fail - Update

  38. Ignition lock fail - fix or replace?

  39. Initial start failures

  40. Intermittent charge [solved]

  41. Leak Under Steering Column

  42. Long brake line blew

  43. Looking for David Beieri regarding a wiring harness

  44. Looking for a nice pair of Grey front door panels with power windows

  45. Looking for parts

  46. Minimum spares kit. Was: Alternator Brushes Wore Out Pretty Darn Quick

  47. More v belt questions

  48. Mounting SA Grille Inner Lights

  49. Need Help with NLA Coolant Hose project

  50. O2-sensor blues and more on '84 1.9L engine

  51. O2-sensor voltage problems '84 1.9L -- Help needed

  52. O2-sensor voltage problems '84 1.9L -- Help needed lead voltages!

  53. Oil pressure relocation kits?

  54. Optima battery size

  55. PSA- wear safety glasses when working with springs!

  56. Pat Sloan: please p-mail me. :)

  57. Possible Ready made jack adapter

  58. Power steering kit or buy the whole thing

  59. Power steering line question

  60. Radio DIN for 1982 camper

  61. Recommended Driving Lights or SA Grill Inners?

  62. Replacing head? Seal 1.6 na diesel injection pump on the road

  63. Saw a different VW van today....

  64. Shameless Plug for Westies at Watkins 10

  65. Shocks for 2WD

  66. Short trip report, tire blow out and lot's of syncros!

  67. Sights in southern Germany, Was Re: Renting a VW Camper in Germany?

  68. Source for Bosch Driving Light??

  69. Spotted on CL: '90 Westy for $4600

  70. Sure power 1315 warning/recall

  71. TDI conversion...

  72. TJ Hannink does it again! Throttle Switch Adjustment

  73. Tension

  74. Thanks to all the list members or you advice on my diesel leak and many others

  75. The Comedy of Errors

  76. Thread locker on rod bolts?

  77. Thread locker on rod bolts? A quiz!

  78. Throttle Cable Guide Deteriorated

  79. Timing belt replacement and valve timing in VW gas and Diesel engines

  80. Trade Split for Vanagon on Samba

  81. Trip Report: Tour de France, part 2

  82. V-Belt tightness -- how to determine

  83. V-Belt tightness -- how to determine?

  84. Valve/tappot clatter

  85. Van Died @ 70 MPH. Why? (Jetta conversion)

  86. Vanagon siting Austin TX

  87. WTB: Headrests

  88. Was Tubes in tires, now gas tanks

  89. Welding cable for auxiliary batteries.

  90. What is a Vanagon, according to The Samba?

  91. White westy sighting

  92. You go. No, you go.

  93. [PHISH][subaruvanagon] Re: A/C hose blew!

  94. [WetWesties] Short trip report, tire blow out and lot's of syncros!

  95. [subaruvanagon] Re: A/C hose blew!

  96. another use for

  97. antifreeze leak?

  98. auxiliary battery wire gauge

  99. battery vent hose

  100. best battery for 2WD Vanagon camper?

  101. bumper

  102. camshaft bearing shell - WTF?

  103. cluch problem

  104. comics

  105. not looking good for the northeast coast..park your vanagons in the garage!

  106. seen @ naniamo aerodrome

  107. v-belts

  108. vacuum tee behind throttle on 1.9L engine (1984)
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