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VANAGON archives – June 2015, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. 1985 Westy A/C compressor doesn't turn

  2. 1987 4wd VW Syncro Vanagon - $10000

  3. Ballpark value of my 85

  4. Big screens

  5. Brake Shoe Lower Mount Shims: Make-Install Shim Over Pins?

  6. Cabinet Metal Door Catch

  7. Can you drive with skylight open?

  8. Cleaning pop top flocking?

  9. Cleaning pop top flocking?-a post treatment that works

  10. Collectible Car Insurance

  11. Engine teardown - 2.1L WBX

  12. Flywheel Sensor - Removal procedure

  13. Friday- cocktails anyone?

  14. Friday: Unique business opportunity

  15. Fuel injector test results

  16. Fuel pump issue

  17. Funky temp gauge - update

  18. Gas Tank woes ...

  19. GoWesty fridge fan report

  20. Good deal on a TDi (ALH) Westy

  21. How To Cool A Pop Top

  22. Installed a Cubby Door in my Closet

  23. Look what came out of the fuel tank

  24. Mod: Westy front table as closet door

  25. Non Vanagon, but family related

  26. O-ring Size for Coolant Level Warning Light Switch

  27. Paint for Dove Blue Westy top?

  28. Pop top color for Dove Blue '87 Westy, want to know?

  29. Pop top replacement for '87 Westy in Chicago

  30. Raybestos Premium ( professional ) Shoe Lining

  31. Rear Axle Stub Nut; Some Shops Remove for Brake Work?

  32. Rear Brake Lower Anchor Pin Removal

  33. Replaced driver's side front window seals. Report...

  34. Shocks

  35. Shop is built, almost

  36. Solar Panel Controller Failure Cause? PICS (was: 'solar controller warning')

  37. T6 camper debuts

  38. USA travel map

  39. Unusual Tire wear question

  40. Vernon - and a great dog video

  41. Wheel bearing dust cap fell off... trouble ahead?

  42. Wheel bearing dustcap fell off... trouble ahead?

  43. Wind wing seal install, brass part?

  44. [T2] why it won't start

  45. hose connections @ front heater core

  46. how to cool a poptop?

  47. in case you haven't replaced everything with LEDs

  48. link to share

  49. napa injectors

  50. poptop paint

  51. power steering recommendations

  52. vanagon Digest - 11 Jun 2015 to 12 Jun 2015 - Special issue (#2015-126)

  53. vanagon tires
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