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VANAGON archives – May 2003, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. ..Optima Yellow Top $140 US w/shipping...

  2. 2.1L ISV for sale..was Re: Wanted: idle control valve...

  3. <No subject>

  4. AC for an air-cooled Vanagon

  5. Any TIICO wasserboxer experiences out there?

  6. Breather hose ripoff !!!!

  7. Breather hose ripoff !!!! Radiator hose has lasted me 4 years OK...

  8. CV packing

  9. Carat question

  10. Clutch Question

  11. Diesel Vanagon Questions

  12. FS 1985 SUNROOF Vanagon

  13. FS 1985 Vanagon


  15. FS Solex & Pierburg Carbs

  16. FS: 84 Vanagon in Falmouth Ma. (cape area) $250!!!

  17. Flywheel

  18. For Sale: Offical Bently Repair Manual for Vanagon

  19. Free 1.9L short block

  20. Free to good home .............. not the dog!

  21. Front Heater Fan Removal & Replacing HOW TO! - LONG

  22. Front Seat Mounts Under Swivel Seat

  23. Going to Germany for a few days...

  24. Griddle for Westy, Since its Friday

  25. Haynes Manual FS

  26. Help .............. Vanagon Parts

  27. INFO: Griddle Frydaye

  28. INFO: Griddle for westy, great for bfst lnch and dinner!

  29. Info on amc heads

  30. Interesting Trip and Bench Seat

  31. Lifter retaining spring broke...

  32. Looking at a used Carat needs your advice

  33. MORE INFO: cooking Griddle for westy, due to heavy response More INFO

  34. Movie review: "Rickshaw Vanagon"

  35. My mechanic made a 2,000 km house call

  36. Mystery Plug 91 Vanagon

  37. Need BA6 Help

  38. Need engine work in Little Rock/Memphis

  39. New Yahoo! Group - Diesel-Vanagon

  40. New manifold and carb report

  41. O2 sensor

  42. OT: VW Commercial...

  43. Oil Drain Plug, 1.9 vs. 2.1 ?? Plug removal Success !!!

  44. Open Carfax anyone?

  45. Optima batteries on sale @ Cdn Tire

  46. Parts for sale

  47. Places of origin

  48. Power mirrors

  49. RAIV / Rabbits, Sciroccos, Dashers, Vanagons too!

  50. Rear Axle Question

  51. Rear axle question

  52. Removing input shaft from tranny

  53. Shifter extension

  54. Speed sensor

  55. The best cause in the world

  56. Trip Report

  57. Trip to Newfoundland

  58. VW emblem

  59. VW emblems, Aliens and Nipples

  60. Vanagon Middle Seats

  61. Vanagon Rear Passenger floor mat -- New

  62. WTB Clear front turn signal lenses

  63. Wanted: idle control valve

  64. Wanted: vent window top hinge piece for '88

  65. Water, dirt and rust in gas

  66. Westy Cabinet Plastic Trim and big heater duct under van.

  67. What Weight Motor Oil Should I Use?

  68. What's the best for degreasing electrical components (et al.)

  69. Window and Door seal treatment

  70. Wiper Motor 91 Vanagon

  71. [WetWesties] O2 sensor

  72. a/c compressor removal

  73. ac compressor removal

  74. coolant issues

  75. coolant issues / head gasket?

  76. coolant...

  77. coolant....

  78. coolant......

  79. coolant/ Vanagon man

  80. diesel to gas

  81. engine running rough

  82. for sale: westy side windows and screens - fit all vanagons

  83. in search of

  84. in search of (12 volt cooking)

  85. more griddle stuff

  86. name that bracket

  87. name that bracket - winner!

  88. no o2 sensor runs great good gas milege

  89. once again exhaust blowing into coolant

  90. pissing and moaning coolant

  91. propane heaters

  92. rich bad mileage syndrome miss stall

  93. rod end play clearance specs?

  94. squealing front brakes - angle grind?

  95. tail light bulb question

  96. tips and info on vanagons

  97. vanagon Carat for sale...Re: Carat question

  98. vanagon Digest - 29 May 2003 - Special issue (#2003-561)

  99. westfalia stove burner

  100. yakima high tower rack part for sale
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