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VANAGON archives – November 2001, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. "new" syncro Vanagon 16" - letter to new VW CEO Bernd Pischetsrieder

  2. 15" alloys for sale

  3. 1986 Wasserboxer making Clack clack clack sound? AND power steering fluid

  4. 1987 Syncro For Sale

  5. 89 GL Vanagon for sale in Seattle

  6. 90 GL For Sale in Portland, Oregon

  7. <No subject>

  8. > parts for sale...

  9. Alloy wheel lug nuts-- hard to find parts

  10. Anyone selling a 4sp Tranny

  11. Can you tell if its 4wd or 2wd from the vin only?

  12. Central Locking question on 91 Carat

  13. Close that fresh air vent and stay warmer.

  14. Clutch Master Cylinder

  15. Damsel In Distress - Advice from List Silverbacks?

  16. Dead starter fixed

  17. Definately the last word on the matter.

  18. Diesel vanagon transmission

  19. Disappointed with List- Friday Off Topic

  20. Eberspacher BA-6 Auxilliary gas Heater for sale for vanagon

  21. FW: Snip your Tale of Two Snips

  22. Fan belt tightening-- When to do it?

  23. Geared adjuster Nut

  24. HELP!! Dead starter? Or selonoid? Or?

  25. HELP!! Dead starter? Or solenoid? Or?

  26. Has anyone added a rear swaybar to their westy?

  27. Hauling capacity of vanagons

  28. Headlights

  29. Heater/vent control panel/cigarette lighter illuminating lights...

  30. Help - Power loss above 2500 RPM once engine warms up

  31. Help! Van still dying

  32. I am looking for the South African lower wrap-around grill

  33. I finally have a New passenger to ride in my Vanagon :)

  34. I have a list of the parts coming from Germany online.

  35. I-4 parts for sale

  36. Infected email

  37. Infected email - FIX

  38. It's Friday and everyone with a Volkswagen should be

  39. Keeper quotes

  40. List of Good VW Shops - CA 101

  41. Maroon Westy on the Outer Banks, North Carlolina?

  42. Middle front seat

  43. Missing Exhaust bolts

  44. Need help to find leak...

  45. New listee w/TriStar

  46. O2 Wire splicing

  47. O2 sensor - wire repair?

  48. Oil pump on e-bay

  49. Online On the Road

  50. Online in the van?

  51. Oversize Diesel Injectors?

  52. Parting out 85GL........

  53. Pic of the TriStar

  54. Queer Diesel Glow Plug/Lift Pump Behavior

  55. RUBBERS!! who has rubber front vanagon floormats? vendors?

  56. RV: Rear windshield wiper. Problem or is this normal?

  57. Re Damsel In Distress - Another Clue

  58. Rear windshield wiper. Problem or is this normal?

  59. Removing Wiper Arms

  60. Ron, can you hear me?

  61. Sad Day

  62. Sevenkevin?

  63. Shape of the world - No Direct content to List Groups

  64. Shape of the world - No Direct content to Listg Groups

  65. Shape of the world - yuck

  66. Shocked through the #3 Plug Wire

  67. Snail Shape of the world - No Direct content to List Groups

  68. Sockets and Accessories for sale Was:missing a hole in my vanagon

  69. Starting problems

  70. Strange rattle/squeek from engine during idle

  71. Strange rattle/squeek further diagnosis & solution???

  72. Syncro "replacement" drivesafts on Ebay

  73. Tail light #

  74. This HTML thing

  75. Tightening fan belts and using lithium grease sparay

  76. Towing needed: N.J. area

  77. Type RV, With Digifant 2 Engine Conversion

  78. Use Virginia it is truly a 86 syncro

  79. Vanagon front grilles

  80. Want to trade my TriStar flares for 16" flares

  81. Was Re: Online in the van?, now a ? about tv setup

  82. Yo !!!

  83. You did your own body work? I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy...

  84. [subaruvanagon] Re: How strong is the auto box?

  85. [vanagon] power locks malfunction

  86. body shops in SF area

  87. body shops near Raleigh, NC???

  88. campout- MLK holiday weekend, Jan 19-21

  89. e-bay oil pump dispute

  90. ecu 025 906 022 d

  91. fan belt tightening

  92. forward air rates/cash

  93. fuel line

  94. head gasket resealing progress

  95. head rest removal

  96. i-4

  97. last call Ont vanagon4sale/parts

  98. list problems?

  99. looking for engine installer in north central Pa area

  100. missing a hole in my vanagon

  101. new 2.1 swap Q's

  102. notebook computers, inverters, and Internet access on the road

  103. oil pump

  104. oil pump Problem

  105. online in the van

  106. online in the van, (digital van darkroom)

  107. pet peeves regarding this list

  108. pic of geared adjuster alternator bracket

  109. propane heaters anyone?

  110. regarding dave's pet peeves

  111. shape of the world

  112. silver socket part # here

  113. silver socket plug..Re: missing a hole in my vanagon

  114. splicing wires (was: van still dying)

  115. spoiler

  116. strange sound in fuel pump area

  117. water tank draining and snanitizing

  118. who really cares?

  119. wire splicing
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