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VANAGON archives – July 2008, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. '80 Westy. All non-westy parts up for grabs! Make an offer!

  2. '86 Dash, Cracking

  3. 15" tire pressures?

  4. 2.0 Liter air cooled rod mod

  5. 2WD to Syncro;

  6. 91 fridge piezo

  7. Aircooled vs. WBX manual transmission

  8. Alternator Bracket Mod 1.9 L WBX

  9. Another portable hot water on demand system

  10. Anyone pulled a Wiring Harness?

  11. Armorall or Zymol Seal?

  12. Aux driving lights easy power source..?

  13. COSTCO's - Kirkland group 41 battery

  14. Carburetors on a WBX

  15. Different Kind Of Valve Adjustment Question? NOW What's next?

  16. Do Shift linkage bushes wear ...

  17. ECU and lean idle

  18. FS: Poptop/Luggage Rack Seals

  19. FW: Re: [Syncro] I need a mule

  20. Got the wrong Vitrifrigo!

  21. Hand painted van pics

  22. Homemade aerator for Westfalia faucet

  23. Hot Foot Fix

  24. I need a mule

  25. I'm back, miss anything? Need an ECU

  26. Inner sliding door assembly.

  27. LVC: Trip Report - Bowman Lake, Glacier National Park

  28. Man, I am backing up now...on the light install..

  29. Michelin Agilis 81, 185R14C

  30. NVC: Last Spam Email

  31. Oil Pump removal-Difficult????

  32. Oil and Coolant Reccomendations

  33. Poptop Seal Project

  34. Poptop/Luggage Rack Seals

  35. Re- Hand painting van

  36. Replacing brake rotors '85 Westy

  37. Solid intermediate exhaust pipe needed for '85

  38. Stubborn Exhaust leak

  39. Subject: Re: Vanagon vs Element..from digest mode..

  40. Sway bar connection link - where to find one?

  41. Sway bar connection popping out

  42. Syncro front shocks


  44. Tire pressures..why

  45. Towing an Automatic Vanagon. Cutting the drive axles?

  46. Towing.. (no van, but tow related) Delete if long off topic story isn't of interest to you.

  47. VW's New Chattanooga Plant/Honda Element

  48. Vanagon to Campmobile conversion

  49. Vanagon vs Element..from digest mode..

  50. Vitrifrigo installation w/ storage

  51. Was: Hand painted van pics. Now: $200 paint job?

  52. Whoever haid painted their Vanagon should enter this contest

  53. [Syncro] Michelin Agilis 81, 185R14C

  54. auto and manual transmissions for sale

  55. battery combiner - automatic charge relay - another model

  56. hi:

  57. least steep California Sierra Passes/ THANKS!

  58. plastic shift linkage coupler under shift stick?

  59. shift linkages

  60. stupid question of the day . . .

  61. subie SVX motor for sale for conversion
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