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VANAGON archives – April 2009, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. $10k Syncro on eBay in Maine

  2. 1987 Vanagon for sale - without engine.

  3. 1987 Vanagon for sale - without engine. w/RONAL R9's

  4. 2.1l Thermostat housings available

  5. 4th Annual Camp 18 Cruise April 25th (Portland OR)

  6. 98 Eurovan Front Airvent not closing

  7. A question about PTO's engine picture

  8. Adding a baby seat to my Westfalia

  9. Bummer! NLA!

  10. CarFax please

  11. Cool Vanagon Paint Job

  12. DDR cars, Vanagon, etc ...

  13. Dennis

  14. Depressing weekend (The conclusion to the conclusion)

  15. FREE skylight, in northern AZ

  16. Faint sputter/stutter at 70mph

  17. Fuel Tank

  18. Fw: Moderator Private Re: Cool Vanagon Paint Job

  19. Fwd: Re: NVC. My father just reposed...

  20. Fwd: Re: Removing chrome window trim

  21. Good Sam Club Road Assist

  22. Good deal on Fluorescent lights

  23. Grill fix glue? JB Weld

  24. Guess my oil leak

  25. Heads Up Warning on Garmin GPS Map Update

  26. Help with Extend-A-Stay

  27. Help with LÖBRO CV Boot part number / Syncro 16

  28. Help! '87 Westy won't start...

  29. Here's the Picture from Adventure Mag (was: SA Vanagon in Adventure mag)

  30. High beam blue light? P/N

  31. How to change shift lever

  32. Keegan Smith

  33. Leak down test... or not (Video)

  34. Leaving Virginia for Maine

  35. Loss of Power after carwash

  36. Moab trip report

  37. Mold on canvas, what to use to clean

  38. More Power? was: RE: Rust ...

  39. More power?

  40. My father just reposed...

  41. NVC. My father just reposed...

  42. Neil's WA/OR/09 Trip

  43. O2 Sensor?

  44. Oil Suggestions

  45. Oregon coast, best beaches for tide pools ?

  46. Pictures German syncro meeting at the Mammutpark April 2009

  47. Pop-top lifting mechanism broken

  48. Rear Brake Question: uneven wear on new shoes or just bedding down?

  49. Removing chrome window trim

  50. Removing chrome window trim..NOW modest suggestion

  51. Rust ...

  52. Rust....

  53. Rusty Transmission, Remove the Rust or Not?

  54. SA Vanagon in Adventure mag

  55. Scams on the Samba

  56. Stuck Head Bolt Out - Thanks PB Blaster!

  57. Sunroof for 'regular' van? Recommendations?

  58. Syncro Tent Campsite

  59. Trip from WI to CA/OR and back

  60. VW Cruise in Portland 4-25-2009 to Camp 18???

  61. VW Run PDX

  62. Vanagon Trailer Lights

  63. Vanagon meeting Icelandic monster :-)

  64. Warning confirmed Re: gfci outlet buzzes with inverter

  65. Westfakia, Poptop, Access, Design

  66. Westy Fridge Fan starting for the first time in at least 15 years!

  67. Which Fluid Brands

  68. Which Fluid Brands do you use in the Van 2.1 L Auto High Milage

  69. Window size differences Westy vs. Non-Westy

  70. [Adventurewagen] Depressing weekend (The conclusion to the conclusion)

  71. [WetWesties] Depressing weekend (The conclusion to the conclusion)

  72. [turbovans] VW Run PDX

  73. bone marrow donors needed (NVC )

  74. color code for 1987 light blue Vanagon?

  75. gas fuel tank sealant repair needed

  76. need help with transport from FL to the NE

  77. no fuel pump

  78. pop top conversion etc, concise info page

  79. rubber luggage rack washer

  80. same old thread, different day. Re: Westfakia, Poptop, Access, Design

  81. sick of replacing Control Arm Bushings every year

  82. vanagon Digest - 24 Apr 2009 (#2009-359)
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