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VANAGON archives – October 2009, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. !RE: [WetWesties] What Should I See On the Temperature Gage?

  2. "Who Killed the Electric Car" NVC but timely..(sorry for off topic, moderators and list)

  3. '84 Westy call on Car Talk

  4. 1.8T conversion OBDII [was:Re: Your GoWesty do you like it?]

  5. 1985 Westy Auto Window Sticker and photo

  6. <No subject>

  7. A Westy trip into the past with old maps

  8. AAZ 1.9 turbodiesel engine

  9. AC Compressor

  10. Another Update: Only 13V from Alternator

  11. Anyone else having gmail problems?

  12. Anyone know why VW discontinued the square pre-filter?

  13. Anyone seen this van in person

  14. Body Parts Needed

  15. Brake light circuit current with trailer, WAS: Re: No High Beams

  16. Brake light switch on brake master cylinder

  17. Brocken wires

  18. By name and culturally we Vanagon owners are..... (Frydaye)

  19. Camping in rain was Re: Your GoWesty do you like it?

  20. Carpet ? 91GL Auto

  21. Classic Status-DOT

  22. Coolant Low Level Light Useful?

  23. Diesel to Gasoline Conversion?

  24. Do you like camping in the rain?

  25. Dual Valve Springs

  26. EJ22 longevity

  27. Electrical question (Coil terminals)

  28. FS.... 84 Westy

  29. FS....84 westy Vanagon

  30. FS: Headrest Cushion Inserts - Rare European Option

  31. Frydaye Pholleez - by name and by culture

  32. Fw: FS.... 84 Westy

  33. Fwd: 1.8T conversion OBDII

  34. Fwd: [VANAGON] By name and culturally we Vanagon owners are..... (Frydaye)

  35. Hoses

  36. Hoses in a vanagon

  37. How to fix the rust under the inlets ...

  38. How to remove front door lock cylinder?

  39. Injector color question

  40. Injector flow, ECU inputs RE: Injector color question

  41. LVC - Crushing a Westy

  42. Late model rear vent windows - good upgrade?

  43. Maps - vs GPS

  44. Maps vs GPS

  45. Maps vs GPS-Minor VC

  46. NVC - Staircase

  47. Norcold Refit

  48. Oil indicator light (was: <No Subject>)

  49. Power Probe 3 - way cool electrical tester tool

  50. Relay Steering Gear

  51. Responding to Technical Questions On The List

  52. Roadside Weekender in Canton CT

  53. Rough Idle - how I fixed it.

  54. Rusty parts (Auto Trans and accelerator cable)

  55. Source for speedometer light and clock capacitor

  56. Source of door lock cylinders?

  57. Speedo bulbs

  58. Speedometer and 15/65/205 Tires/Wheels

  59. Steering Wheel

  60. Subie Coolant Conditioner

  61. Swapping clock for Tach in an 84? a bit long.

  62. Talk about your thread hijack; was RE: Your GoWesty do you like it? (among others)

  63. The body project begins...

  64. Thirsty motor with low power to 2,500 rpms. What's up?

  65. Travel plans to Central America

  66. Turning Blue Highways to Green

  67. Upgrades?

  68. VW Campground Reviews

  69. Vanagon (Westy) sighting in Bend: white w/ stripe

  70. Vanagon 30-50 challenge result... hosting?

  71. Vanagon sighting

  72. Vanagon tranny question regarding 3rd gear grind on manual tranny

  73. Vanagon wiki down?

  74. Various Vanagon Parts For Sale in Austin, TX

  75. Vernagon Sighting in Bend

  76. Vernagon Sighting in Bend (Fryreday Fun)

  77. WTB 2.1L Dipstick Tube

  78. WTB pair of good used round headlight buckets for Vanagon 80-85

  79. Warm Start Issue Likely Solved (+ temp sensor test results)

  80. Warren Chapman "pre-memorial" Oct 17th, Ocean Beach, SF

  81. Westy Wannabee

  82. What Should I See On the Temperature Gage?

  83. Wiring Harness Plug Repair

  84. Wiring questions

  85. Your GoWesty do you like it?

  86. [NVC] An axe, shovel, and a bucket of water

  87. [NVC] Do you like camping in the rain?

  88. [NVC] Griddle recco 2 fit atop Westy stove

  89. [NVC] technical term

  90. [NVC] technical term - resolved

  91. [NVC] technical term . . .

  92. [VWVANFULLTIMERS] Just got this from Westfalia (reality tv looking for you & your westy)

  93. [WetWesties] What Should I See On the Temperature Gage?

  94. alternator / battery light on question

  95. by name and culturally we Vanagon owners are..... (Frydaye)

  96. diesel vanagon needle bearing install - flush or more?

  97. diff lock woes

  98. interesting westfalia Configuration

  99. is primer/sealer weathertight?

  100. maps vs GPS

  101. my fall, thanks for the kind words... NVC

  102. question regarding bra for 1990 Vanagon with fiberglass bumpers

  103. sliding door lock

  104. smoke in the van

  105. vanagon Digest - 13 Oct 2009 to 14 Oct 2009 - Special issue (#2009-882)
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