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VANAGON archives – January 2012, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. $4 inverter deal from JC Whitney with free shipping

  2. '85 westy weekender used in Color App. commercial

  3. 02 sensor, part II

  4. 1.9l with 23psi @ 4000 rpm

  5. 85 GL dead at end of driveway - can we tow it in reverse?

  6. 86 Westy Camper w/automatic : list of emergency gear

  7. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IFN0cmFuZ2VzdCB0aGluZyB5b3UndmUgZm91bmQgaW4gYSBuZXcgYnVzPw==?=

  8. Advice Needed -- 81 Westy

  9. BBB and more (Topack Canyon boating?)

  10. Bentley Manual

  11. Bostig engine coming... My 2.1L for sale in Philadelphia, PA

  12. Catalytic test pipe

  13. Data Connection In The Desert!

  14. Engine swap lessons learned

  15. FS: Volkswagen Vanagon Tires & Wheels

  16. Fiberglass Paint

  17. Front and Rear blower 85 GL

  18. Front end bushings

  19. Frydaye - Goldie makes Hagerty News

  20. Fuel Pump Noise

  21. Fwd: Re: Sound systems (yet again)

  22. Gas Vapors

  23. Happy vanagon new year!

  24. Hard start

  25. Heartbreaker movie with a VW bus as a co-star

  26. Internet On The Roa

  27. Internet On The Road

  28. It's ALIVE...(my Bostig conversion)

  29. LP regulator got wet/icey

  30. Leaking Assembly Plug -- 81 Westy

  31. Mod oops

  32. Mod oops Re: 1.9l with 23psi @ 4000 rpm

  33. Moderator - trimming messages

  34. My Syncro is on Bring A Trailer!

  35. My turn with the O2 sensor issue.

  36. Need Help with Headlights

  37. Needed: Westy circuit breaker

  38. New Kit For VW Engine Conversion

  39. Normal idle! Hallelujah!

  40. Not Fair!!

  41. Oil in Coolant

  42. Oil in the coolant

  43. Oil pressure light in 1.9l at idle

  44. Oil recommendations simplified--morphed to camping/Big Bend

  45. Pair of dead mirrors wanted

  46. Performance chip

  47. Sound systems (yet again)

  48. Speaking of buttered pumpernickel toast-camp stove toaster

  49. Speaking of buttered pumpernickel toast-camp stove toaster recommendations?

  50. Stabilizer bushing replacement

  51. Strangest thing you've found in a new bus?

  52. Stuck in Needles, need advice

  53. Sunbrella Pop Top Canvas

  54. Syncro Buggy

  55. Thermostat Woes

  56. Tin-can westy toaster

  57. True Canadian Winter Bus Campout - February 18th, 2012

  58. VW segment upcoming on NPR's ATC on Friday evening

  59. Vanagon Bus Story

  60. Vanagon Instrument Pod Lights Out

  61. Vanagon limerick for the new year

  62. brake shoes

  63. carfax anyone?

  64. cheap vanagon skylights

  65. cheap vanagon skylights - hijack

  66. cheap vanagon westy skylights.. 30 bucks new

  67. high idle

  68. new 82 vanagon L

  69. redoing ground connections on left cylinder head ('84 1.9L engine)
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