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VANAGON archives – September 2013, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '87 syncro + electrical problems: no power windows, wipers, headlights, etc.

  2. 1991 vanagon - dometic fridge - no light or igniter sound

  3. A Mystery

  4. Alternator Failure 87 Syncro

  5. Another CL project Vanagon from the Tappahannock VA guy

  6. Bad fuel economy (solution)

  7. Bad fuel economy (solution) Ethanol, LVC

  8. Bad fuel economy (solution)-Diesel

  9. Brainerd this weekend

  10. CV joint preference?

  11. Coolant Hose for 1.9l

  12. Coolant refill (distilled water?)

  13. Coolant top up

  14. Dometic -- flame outside burner box

  15. Dometic -- flame outside burner box, more

  16. Early Friday Post--don't open until September 6

  17. Ethanol free gas

  18. FWD: Project Quattro-Syncro. 1.8t, 5speed, AWD, ABS,EDL

  19. Fix for floppy mirrors

  20. Fri. Sight on way to Walkins Glen

  21. Friday (LVC) Apollo Computer Build Video

  22. Fwd: 1987 Westy for sale

  23. Fwd: [VANAGON] Manual alignment problem.

  24. Hit a deer today in my Vanagon

  25. Horns, improvements

  26. Interlocked

  27. Jim Felder is a good guy!

  28. LT Sighting?

  29. LVC Ethanol Use

  30. Last weekend's trip - Klanawa

  31. Manual alignment problem.

  32. My Sunroof syncro "drains"

  33. Need : Driver's side wiper shaft part - 251955215

  34. Not Pretending To Be A Vanagon

  35. Okay -- is there a real fix for floppy mirrors?

  36. Price of Vanaru ?

  37. Rear Vibration

  38. Shop Recommendations in NY, NY

  39. Stranded in French River, Ontario

  40. Top off the rad

  41. Topping up coolant

  42. Two separate Westy sightings in Richmond yesterday

  43. Two silver Westies at Cape May Point NJ today!

  44. Update on Dometic RC2000 spurious flame SOLVED

  45. Van seems hottish??

  46. Vanagon in disguise on CL

  47. Vanagon pricing, NADA

  48. camp stoves outside but connected

  49. ethanol free gasoline

  50. floppy mirrors

  51. help needed in Anchorage, AK

  52. nuts vs head gasket job

  53. rear heater control question

  54. replacing shift ball and cup, and where best to find one

  55. syncro front diff mount replacement

  56. syncro or not?
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