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VANAGON archives – April 2008, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. 1973 VW LT35 on eBay

  2. 86 Vanagon wiring question

  3. 86 hot temp gauge---RESOLVED

  4. 86 hot temp gauge---was '86 Westy cranking trouble

  5. ? archive search address, please

  6. AW: [] AW: [Syncro_T3_Australia] Pictures Karenz 08

  7. Air Engine... the ultimate Vanagon Engine Conversion!

  8. Antifreeze smell when you turn on Heater?

  9. Any interest in a larger Westy LP Gas tank, Cheap?

  10. Brass fuel line sleeve instalation - need installation advice

  11. Bus finally started after winter storage

  12. Bus won't start after winter storage

  13. Buying a Sterling Kit Car

  14. Compression Numbers (in advance of head job)

  15. Dangerous roads

  16. FS: Set of 5 16" Mercedes rims w/Nokian Hakka's

  17. Fuel lines (injector hoses) clamp

  18. Fuel lines (injector hoses) clamps

  19. Furnace for camping in the winter?

  20. Gas, milage, etc (was Air Engine)

  21. Grand Forks ND listees ?

  22. Ground, Water Tank Level Sender

  23. Head removal: Cylinder sleeves came off (also, how to send gerry messages)

  24. Help: not receiving list messages, vanagon-request contacted

  25. Home at Last... My very own 87 Wolfsburg

  26. LVC Does anyone know what years Diesel syncro VW LT's were made?

  27. Lifter pumping down at speed

  28. Lifters pumping down at speed

  29. MPG redux

  30. MPG redux/ TDI conversion rethink

  31. Message to Newbies

  32. Message to Newbies - ATF

  33. Message to Newbies now on wiki


  35. NY VW camping 2008 season locations

  36. No Start after winter storage..RE from the digest

  37. Oil filter & armrest questions

  38. Oil press. relief valve

  39. Overdrive, fuel efficiency, etc. Friday..Iittle Van content.

  40. Red light runner

  41. Relocate LP Tank

  42. Status of

  43. Steering linkage sticking

  44. TEST

  45. Those Free Email Accounts - Editorial - NVC

  46. Thoughts on Cracks between Valves on Heads?

  47. Vehicles with "Overdrive" equals fuel economy??

  48. Westy shopping over the internet

  49. What does your oil pressure gauge "say", and what other gauges do you have in your Vanagon

  50. [CONCH-L] Cypraea leucodon

  51. [Fwd: [T2] EB 2008 pics]

  52. [Syncro] Re: [] Who is this van

  53. anyone know what's up with the website?

  54. flashing oil light won't go off

  55. non-functioning AC unit taking up what would be a cool rear overhead cabinet

  56. possible lighting upgrade for your westy

  57. rough idle + exaust leak

  58. something to consider ...

  59. spare tire rack problem

  60. stainless screws


  62. voltage reading at temp gauge sensor?

  63. voltage reading at the gauge temp sensor?
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