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VANAGON archives – October 2010, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '87 Westy rear speaker replacement

  2. 90 GL-WTB: Power Window/Lock Actuators

  3. <No subject>

  4. Any Lawyers On the list? (Vanagon Related)

  5. Anyone Recommend an Overnight Camp Spot Along I81

  6. Battery hold downs in diesel busses

  7. Bill of Sale Issues on my first Syncro

  8. Bought VW AW in tow yard in SF

  9. Brooklyn Vans

  10. Buying advice

  11. Cheap front door speakers sound Great!

  12. FREE (Portland OR): 4 mounted Michelin X truck tires on stock 14" steel rims

  13. FS: Tan velveteen rear 3 passenger bench seat (Seattle WA)

  14. French Speaking List Members Help Requested

  15. Gear oil: One man's impression..Long and kinda Friday

  16. Going to the Smokies. Advice?


  18. How to remove the inside middle rear view mirror?

  19. I recommend this voltmeter

  20. Ignition Switch Replacement-Not Amused

  21. Ignition Switch Replacement-Not Amused- Forgot

  22. Ignition Switch Replacement-Not Amused-Even More!

  23. Instrument Pod Re-wire

  24. Interesting thread on

  25. It continues - Engine RPM Hunting 200-500 rpm

  26. Kick Butt tool for removing stripped/ruined allen bolts from CV's.

  27. LED headlights

  28. Make your own Vanagon Parts on Phrydae? Check out the video

  29. NY Empire VW camping summer 2011 schedule.

  30. Need Someone to test a Battery Saver

  31. New ignition switch in, starter connections cleaned : was no start

  32. No start questions

  33. Off Topic Bay Westie Parts(?) van east of Portland, Or.

  34. Off to Bja

  35. Overheat lamp

  36. Pelican-style dividers for under the Westy back seat

  37. Ready to go....

  38. Recycle

  39. Save the Bus in D.C. - Freedom of expression - Save the Peace Mobile

  40. Searching for exhaust leaks

  41. Shift problem train

  42. Solving sliding door lock contact troubles.

  43. Stainless Coolant Pipes Endanger Engines

  44. Substitute water tank inlet plug

  45. Syncro Driveshaft help/input needed

  46. T5 import to Canada?

  47. Thermostat housing

  48. Transporterfest - 25th! - Camping before

  49. Two thangs...

  50. VW OBD Handheld Code Reader Questions (Jetta conversion)


  52. Vanagon Winter Storage and or annual inspection

  53. Vanagon sighting and trip report.

  54. Weekender panel removal question

  55. Westy conversion needs

  56. Westy curtains

  57. Westy: a week of daily driving

  58. [Syncro] Stainless Coolant Pipes Endanger Engines

  59. [WetWesties] old camper on Ebay

  60. [subaruvanagon] Stainless Coolant Pipes Endanger Engines

  61. camo syncro for sale

  62. dumb tire question..Studless snows..

  63. fryday glad you dont rely on lifetime service from dealer ...

  64. looking for a dash cluster

  65. speaking of front speakers...

  66. these forms may help you ..and some advice ... and we all know what advice is good for

  67. was How to remove the inside middle rear view mirror? now with links to video DIY and apology to alistair n zach
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