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VANAGON archives – May 2007, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. 1990 Vanagon transmission problem - can anyone help?

  2. 82 w/square headlights

  3. 85 Gl Auto Tranny 5/8" Coolant Hoses to Tranny Cooler Busted-

  4. 86 Vanagon to a good home

  5. A Flywheel mystery..

  6. ADMINISTRIVIA - Re: Vanagon Sighting

  7. Air cooled Vanagon Westy Sighting

  8. Alert: MTBE out and ethanol in

  9. Another vanagon siting


  11. Back to that Auto-Stop LPG valve subject...

  12. Backfiring. How to proceed?

  13. Big Brake maintenance

  14. Big Brake maintenance (II)

  15. Current Draw?

  16. Curtains, magnets, etc.

  17. E10, or ethanol in your gas

  18. Emptying propane tank?

  19. FS '80 Vanagon L - Baltimore, MD

  20. FYI - Fuel filter availability

  21. Fabricating a radiator fan on indicator light, with surprise ending!

  22. Factory aux. battery wiring diagram needed

  23. Front door weatherstrips for Vanagons at standard auto parts stores? So C...

  24. Front door weatherstrips for Vanagons at standard auto parts stores? So Cal?

  25. Front wheel studs

  26. Full Throttle AC Cutout?

  27. Gray (grey) water bladder?

  28. Help! (NVC)

  29. How much oil?

  30. Ignition question

  31. Inline 4 - new transmission

  32. Is Quebec invading the Outer Banks?

  33. Is Quebec invading the Outer Banks? [NVC]

  34. Jump seat

  35. MTBE out and ethanol in

  36. Mounted Spare Blowout

  37. NVC: VW vacuum actuated heater controls

  38. New old van in town

  39. OBD-II home made data logging

  40. Oil fill tube gasket removal

  41. Pictures Pictures Pictures Do a fast slide show for best results

  42. Piston cylinders

  43. Re-geared inline 4..

  44. Sightings

  45. Silcone Coolants lines ???Re: 85 Gl Auto Tranny 5/8" Coolant Hoses to Tranny Cooler Busted-

  46. Some kind of shelf?

  47. Speakers replacement

  48. Speaking of Gas.... the long and the short of it

  49. Still Available

  50. Syncro propshaft vibration mystery

  51. Teenage Driver assigned to Vanagon

  52. Throttle Body Seal

  53. Tranny problems

  54. Transmission Woe

  55. Vanagon Diesel Oil Filler Tube

  56. Vanagon Sighting

  57. Vanagon Sway Bars

  58. Vanagon Sway Bars - PST

  59. Vanagon sighting

  60. Vanagon sighting I-65 Alabama

  61. Vanagon sightings

  62. Verdier Solar Powered Bus

  63. Westy Front Seatbelt Extension/Replacement?

  64. Westy Stove Warning.

  65. Where to get metal edging strip?

  66. Who is making those new front AC units?

  67. Who needed the tan late model front captains seats with adjustable armrests?

  68. [Syncro] frig for sale: me too East coast CDA

  69. adding extra water outlets to Westy

  70. aux bat. install

  71. cylinder head advice

  72. excellent Westy in MD too

  73. fridge troubles

  74. head-aches


  76. hole on top of kitchen water tank???

  77. non-traditional Vanagon sighting...

  78. oil pressure -- next round

  79. original spare wheel carrier

  80. power window motor question

  81. right side headlight wont power up relay kit 2 mths ago ...

  82. vanagon Digest - 29 May 2007 to 30 May 2007 - Special issue (#2007-549)

  83. was Inline 4 trans...Now, displaced...whatever..No van content..

  84. RACHET crimper/ was Re: right side headlight wont power up relay kit 2 mths ago ...
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