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VANAGON archives – May 2013, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. AC

  2. AC 134a refrigerant leak down

  3. Air cooled engine

  4. Am/Can over prepared

  5. Bluestar project progress

  6. Bluestar project progress-Crankcase vent heater.

  7. Bluestar project progress-another syncro anomaly

  8. Bluestar project progress-small problems

  9. Bluestar project progress-small problems-Sensors

  10. Bus Depot-How'd Ya Do It?!!

  11. BusFusion News

  12. Coolant Tank Issues

  13. Decal removal

  14. Diesel Conversion - was Sucky Gas Mileage

  15. FW: Coolant Tank Issues

  16. FW: Funny TV ad with VW Thing

  17. Flex-Able Hose?

  18. Flywheel Bolts

  19. Flywheel Bolts-Screw impact tool.

  20. Front door handle

  21. Funny TV ad with VW Thing

  22. Fwd: Re: Re: speedometer accuracy

  23. Fwd: Sucky Gas Mileage - ethanol free

  24. Fwd: [VANAGON] Long block air cooled for vanagon 2.0 L

  25. Gowesty Stainless Exhaust

  26. How do I unsubscribe?

  27. Jacking points tell me if I'm wrong??

  28. Long block air cooled 2.0L

  29. Long block air cooled for vanagon 2.0 L

  30. Looking for good rear CV shaft for manual trans

  31. Loud noise - missing part

  32. Mobil 1 Special at Advanced Auto....and Walker Cat

  33. My new Upper Control Arm Video

  34. Out of storage!

  35. Painting the exhaust - High Temp - POR??

  36. Questions about wires, relay, H2 lamps, etc.

  37. Rack and Pinion Starting to leak?

  38. Replacing roll up window scrapers & channels

  39. Rust Repair Huntsville AL

  40. Saggy poptop was RE: Out of storage!

  41. Subie swap curiosity

  42. Sucky Gas Mileage

  43. Sucky Gas Mileage - ethanol free

  44. Sucky Gas Mileage-ethanol in fuel

  45. Syncro engine stronger?

  46. Take A Look At This One!!

  47. Throttle tension spring... Purpose?

  48. Undoing the big nut on the upper ball joint - who knows how?

  49. Van stopped running

  50. Vanagons being used on world tours

  51. Video from Tri-State

  52. Wanted: front child cot/hammock

  53. Wheel size - 1987 Syncro

  54. Windshield type

  55. [WetWesties] Decal removal

  56. coolant overflow fears and thoughts

  57. cutting off exhaust "elbow pipe"

  58. daily driver Vanagons

  59. removing muffler on 2.1

  60. speedometer accuracy

  61. storage net/hammocks?

  62. upper bunk fall protection

  63. vanagon Digest - 28 Apr 2013 to 30 Apr 2013 - Special issue (#2013-134)

  64. vanagon in commercial?

  65. wing window

  66. wiper motor problem
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