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VANAGON archives – October 2004, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. '80 aircooled power loss follow-up - long

  2. 15" steel wheels

  3. 200 MM light

  4. 2002 ETKA?

  5. 83.5 Westy parts

  6. 87 rear bumper ?

  7. 88vanagon-missing

  8. 88vanagon/snug?

  9. A good ham setup

  10. Addie list

  11. Anacortes, WA vanagon mechanics?

  12. CB / was Re: Vanagon Hams

  13. Can you clean a catalytic converter?

  14. Can you use Fingernail Polish Over Bare Metal

  15. Conversion parts for sale

  16. Driveway/parking list

  17. Email address change

  18. FS: 2 person middle seat..fits westys or passenger vans

  19. FS: VDO gauges $15 ea

  20. Free: homemade upper bunk extender

  21. Free: homemade upper bunk extender [Gone!]

  22. Friday funny

  23. GPS software/receivers.

  24. Idle Stabilizer Stability (2 Parts)

  25. Inbox lost!

  26. Internet while underway

  27. Internet while underway                              

  28. Internet while underway                              

  29. Largest diameter wheel.

  30. Links without info

  31. Living in your Westy

  32. Michelin XCA

  33. Mounting Spare on the rear of my van?

  34. Next to Last Call ..... Photos for the Calendar Project

  35. Old Blaupunkt

  36. Rear Table

  37. Roof rack for westy, help needed for identification

  38. Spark Plug Options for 2.1 WBX - SUMMARY

  39. Steel ring gasket source?

  40. Strange braking problem!!!! (this week challenge)

  41. Swapping Westy to Weekender

  42. Tail light lense temps , part 2

  43. Tail light lense temps with brighter bulbs

  44. Tail light lense... lens

  45. That "V" shaped panel

  46. VDO gauges $15 ea

  47. Vanagon Hams

  48. WTD: Rear Blower series resistor

  49. Want an Easy Rear Light Upgrade? Bulbs Available

  50. Want an Easy Rear Light Upgrade? Bulbs Available.

  51. What is that strip?

  52. What is that strip? - it isn't just decoration!

  53. What parts could I use?

  54. Winter storage and humidity

  55. Your onboard library

  56. cruise control in a Vanagon

  57. diesel vanagon parts for sale

  58. exhaust system

  59. fatigue crack

  60. missing info on my 88vanagon

  61. short fuel injector hose

  62. subie conversion

  63. upper ball joint hell

  64. what a shame..... :<(
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