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VANAGON archives – November 2012, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '89 auto trans final drive questions

  2. 1.8t conversion

  3. <No subject>

  4. A/C ducts

  5. Adding a front passenger dome light

  6. Auto shifter LED lamp conversion

  7. Baja Whales 2013 trip planned, Mar 1-10

  8. Blus Star-Real or Not?

  9. Dawn of WAZE For Vanagon Drivers

  10. Dealers and Vanagons, was Re: Pics Of The Blue Star

  11. Diesel Oil?

  12. E

  13. Engine oil

  14. Front rain gutter trip strip question

  15. Frydae - EMP Proofing A Vanagon

  16. Frydae: Our LT is home in Ontario!

  17. Fwd: Adding a front passenger dome light

  18. Gerry vanagon Archive for download or thumb

  19. Interesting- The VIN On The Bluestar

  20. Is there a difference in the 2.1 engine for auto trans vs standard transmission?

  21. Looking for spark plug wire recommendations

  22. MOD permitted NVC Post this auction ends today Found the listing on Bring A Trailer .Com VW 181 in lot

  23. NVC would the member who is involved in GAS Light? web design (northern michigan) please email me off list thnks

  24. NVC: A New Addiction???

  25. New obscure heater part just arrived from Germany

  26. Not A Blue Star This Time, But A Death Star!

  27. Notes on traveling, internet access and rv parks - USB GPS antenna

  28. Parallel flow A/C condenser

  29. Phrydae Question: Who drives a TDI?

  30. Pics Of The Blue Star

  31. Soo- Oil Pan cracked

  32. Source of Westfalia Material?

  33. Speaking Of Craigslist Scams....

  34. The Blue Star

  35. The stuff

  36. Thinking about all our north-eastern list members...

  37. Transmission input shaft play?

  38. VW tent

  39. Vanagon VIN 16 or 17 Digits?

  40. WAZE Kilo Proximity Indicators For Syncros

  41. Webbers seem to work

  42. Westfalia Search Terms

  43. Where to find the fault?

  44. Winter is Coming. Time to change the oil

  45. Winter tires

  46. Wiper blade recommendation?

  47. Wiper blade recommendation? Now Length?

  48. autovox criuse control

  49. large object into westy

  50. map light

  51. map light: now Maps

  52. that dreaded rear heater ...

  53. tires and wheels

  54. troubleshooting Audiovox Cruise Control

  55. wiper blades
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