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VANAGON archives – April 2013, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. 1988 GL - FW Bearings: How tight is tight - How loose is loose - How Hot is hot?

  2. 1989 Bluestar Project for Sale

  3. =?us-ascii?Q?Introduction_to_List_Members_-_Dan_Andrews_-_1982_Air_Cooled?= =?us-ascii?Q?_2L_manual_T3_=28Vanagon=29_Orange_Trakka_Conversion?=

  4. ArcHaus Tent

  5. Bluestar SOLD!

  6. Brake Caliper Torque - 200 ft/lbs??

  7. Cheap shipping for large items available this Wednesday

  8. DPO damage from using the wrong shocks

  9. Durango, Mesa Verde, Grand Canyon, Moab Trip Report

  10. Fwd: NVC: Anybody here own a B3/B4 Passat?

  11. Got it home, now the project begins

  12. Interesting Thing About My Westy...

  13. Introduction - Jeff Rogers 90 Tristar

  14. Introduction to List Members - Dan Andrews - 1982 Air Cooled 2L manual T3 (Vanagon) Orange Trakka Conversion

  15. Load Range D Tires: Canadian Tire Vancouver

  16. Lost a hubcap - Any for sale?

  17. Metal Bumper Bolts

  18. More On Me Geting My Westy Back...

  19. More On Me Getting My Westy Back...

  20. My New Bentley

  21. NVC: Anybody here own a B3/B4 Passat?

  22. Need tool suggestion micrometer

  23. Pics Of the Project Bluestar For Sale

  24. Pics of The Bluestar

  25. Question about battery light

  26. Radiator and Hoses question

  27. Recommendation for Popup Tent. 85 Vanagon

  28. Righting A Wrong

  29. SAFETY WARNING about Original Continental Tires as a spare tire

  30. Spare Fuel Pump Saves the Day

  31. Spare Fuel Pump Saves the Day-Old Gas

  32. Starting problem or startER problem

  33. Sun shade

  34. The VW John Muir

  35. Tires, 195R14 and no debate

  36. Vanagon Prices

  37. Vanagon Seats

  38. Vanagon in a new Movie!

  39. Video of replacing left rear window w/o removing cabinets

  40. Westy Gutless Until Warmed Up

  41. Westy Shelf Tip & question

  42. Wheel bearing adjustment, preload or play?

  43. Won't start--Dew Point?

  44. [WetWesties] Load Range D Tires: Canadian Tire Vancouver

  45. charging light flickers

  46. getting old.. is it a joke?

  47. is this fellow one of us here on the list ?? - if so please email me . thanks

  48. it just stops! What do I do? - was Spare Fuel Pump Saves the Day

  49. it just stops! What do I do? - was Spare Fuel Pump Saves the Day-Hose removal pliers.

  50. rusty nuts

  51. tailgate light switch ground

  52. torque converter carrier plate

  53. trip meter
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