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VANAGON archives – January 2000, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. "Helmut" is back!

  2. '84 Vanagon black tower

  3. '87 gl tranny mount & air conditioner questions

  4. 1st impression of my demo OME Shocks

  5. 6 mils of lash...

  6. 73 Bus For Sale

  7. 84 seat removal?

  8. Accel. cable changed, still sticky

  9. Ad Plug

  10. Alpine/F

  11. Alternator, thanks

  12. Audi 5000 CV Joints in a Syncro - some information to digest!

  13. Bentley FS on e-bay

  14. Bizarre 2.1L: Idle

  15. Cause of fluttering speedometer ?

  16. Checking Transmission Oil

  17. Cruise Control Question

  18. Dead of Winter Campout

  19. Die Cast VW

  20. Diesel alternator

  21. Diesel waterpumps

  22. Diesel waterpumps ( 2nd request)

  23. Diesel:Big Trouble

  24. Diesel:was big trouble

  25. Engine needed

  26. Eurovan on Ebay with unique option

  27. FFFFFFFFFFriday Follies?

  28. FOR SALE 86 Syncro Double-cab Transporter

  29. Fiche lookup help!

  30. Fw: Kleen-Flo Diesel Conditioner

  31. Fwd: Finally fixed (maybe) 5kt Auto Trans was: Pat's tranny Blues

  32. Fwd: Mail System Error - Returned Mail

  33. GL4/GL5?

  34. Help: Stuck accelerator pedal

  35. High-Speed Miss

  36. Hot shower on a Westy Syncro

  37. How to remove arm rest

  38. Just a wee bit confused.

  39. Microfice url

  40. Model Vw

  41. Montana Members (no vanagon content)

  42. More 85 GL bizzareness

  43. Mystery connector


  45. Need help of South African listmember

  46. No smoke, was BIG trouble


  48. ONELIST = TRASH -> Perhaps a Gerry Syncro list?

  49. On those parts, it's a group purchase.........

  50. Plug n Play headlight harness with relays - almost done

  51. Port Isabel (Texas)Trip Report

  52. Problems searching the archive

  53. Propane Horror Story -- "ok" ending

  54. Propane fill valve

  55. SOS: 87 GL All Electrical Died

  56. Shifter bushing assembly

  57. Single Center Seat Weight?

  58. Solved Bizarre 2.1L: Idle problem

  59. Source for remote oil filter mount or oil cooler thermostat/adaptor?

  60. Sunbeam

  61. Syncro Drive Shaft Balancing - The Cheap Fix

  62. Syncro decals

  63. Temp. 2 Sensor

  64. Temp. 2 Sensor (Lessons learned).


  66. Transplant Question

  67. Using wire ties on CV joint boots?

  68. VW parts, anyone? Anyone? (little Vanagon content)

  69. Vacuum line P/N's

  70. Van power loss

  71. Vanagon heater restrictor

  72. Vanagon power loss

  73. WANTED-A/C fan switch for 84 westy

  74. Was; SOS: 87 GL All Electrical Died: Solved

  75. We Need Westy Poetry!

  76. Well, it's over. (Prices)

  77. Wiper blade trivia

  78. [DIESEL] Just a wee bit confused.

  79. [VWPICKUPS] Fw: Kleen-Flo Diesel Conditioner

  80. alpine

  81. archives

  82. archives vs. neighborliness

  83. archives, Please Read This

  84. archives?????

  85. dilema

  86. dilemma

  87. gasline antifreeze...

  88. headleak

  89. making a Tach

  90. more free seats

  91. propane fill valve

  92. rust removal

  93. vanagon Digest - 29 Jan 2000 to 30 Jan 2000 - Special issue

  94. window vent/louvers for 85's?
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