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VANAGON archives – April 2001, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. 1886 For sale im in missouri

  2. 1986 not 1886

  3. 1987 westy power lag when cold?

  4. 1991 Double-Cab is now sold

  5. 2 Plugs

  6. 82 For Sale, Nevada

  7. 84 88 73 parting

  8. 84 vanagon transmission problem

  9. 85GL won't start

  10. 86 For sale

  11. 87 Vanagon GL Gas Tank

  12. 87 with high idle/then low

  13. A friend of mine is looking

  14. A/c question

  15. A/c question continued!

  16. AC parts for sale/giveaway '86 Westy

  17. AC parts for sale/giveaway '86 WestyYOURE NUTS!!

  18. Advice on buying a 1980 Westy

  19. Alternator Wire

  20. Anti Virus (no vanagon content)

  21. Bad Vibrations 87 Syncro

  22. Container of Vanagon Parts Just Arrived!

  23. Diagram's/ coolant Hose confusion

  24. Digijet Ditributor Advance/Retard

  25. Digijet timing

  26. Digijet timing ATDC or BTDC? compare air cooled AFM

  27. Digitool wannabes - I have twelve 35 pin ECU connectors for sale!

  28. Dipstick Measurements

  29. Electric (injection) fuel pump life span?

  30. FS: 84 2wd Vanagon$1800

  31. Filter basket in brake fluid reservoir--cleaning?

  32. For Sale 86 Syncro GL

  33. Fridge lighting woes

  34. Fuel Injection Adjustment

  35. Fw: Fridge lighting woes

  36. Fw: Starter Switch Replacement

  37. Good News Bad News

  38. HELP Flashing red temp light!

  39. HELP Flashing red temp light! PS: Electrolytic..

  40. I Need a New Engine - Any suppliers want to quote me.

  41. I'm now a Vanagon owner!

  42. Inline Conversion Exhaust

  43. Instrument Panel Interchange 81/85

  44. Intake manifold connectors 2.1l

  45. Lighting Fridge

  46. More Busses in the Movies

  47. Need a Propane Tank Regulator Protector Plate

  48. Nestling

  49. New Engine - No Power - Getting Better!

  50. New Job at the Dealer

  51. New wheels

  52. OP relief valve question

  53. Oil fill tube, overheating, and stalling

  54. Oil pressure update.

  55. Oil pressure, bye bye vanagon?

  56. Parking side by side (The family thing)

  57. Poor man awning

  58. Pop top - a weighty problem

  59. Putting FI on carburated ACVW

  60. Rear speakers replacement with a/c

  61. Removal of steering lock cylinder.

  62. Remove Middle Seat - How?

  63. Replacing Fuelinjection

  64. Reverse Vanagon Discrimination

  65. Seatbelts

  66. Seatbelts HELP

  67. Speedo cable interchange

  68. Speedo question

  69. Spring Fling in Grand Rapids

  70. Spring startup

  71. Subject: 1987 westy power lag when cold?

  72. Temp II voltages

  73. Thule or Yakima rack part no's - Westy

  74. Tiico Video Digitized Copies

  75. Tiico Video Digitized Copies - Sort of a review

  76. Torque!!!!!

  77. Uh-oh, cooling system way pressurized

  78. Upstate NY / east coast events

  79. Van reactions

  80. Van reactions No vanagon content

  81. Vanagon Lawsuit

  82. Vanagon Lawsuit/Sue the Bastards!

  83. WTB: Transaxle

  84. WTB: Vanagon Radiator Fan

  85. Water Drain Cap

  86. Waving (Was: Van reactions)

  87. Waving (for serious volksheads)

  88. Westy in garage and other LP gas questions

  89. While Gas Tank is out???

  90. [Re: Van reactions]

  91. [Re: Waving (Was: Van reactions)]

  92. [Syncro] 300hp Subaru power article in Sand SPORTS magazine

  93. [T2] Putting FI on carburated ACVW

  94. breaklight

  95. dead lighter

  96. digijet timing

  97. finger warfare

  98. lawsuits

  99. looking for an engine

  100. middle seat anyone?

  101. new Syncro Westy

  102. oil pressure light

  103. price/availability of vanagon westy parts

  104. price/availability of vanagon westy parts(camper interior for sale)

  105. removal of a full westy interior-denver van meeting

  106. repairing seatbelts

  107. sue happy

  108. tiico video - new entry?

  109. waves

  110. westy for sale

  111. what happens when a New Beetle and an Audi TT have sex.....(f)

  112. why bosch points go bad prematurely
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