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VANAGON archives – July 2006, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "Toyota made a Vanagon also" according to my local Midas Muffler Manager!

  2. (LVC) All Good Festival in WV

  3. 1.9 won't start when hot outside

  4. 1990 Vanagon Plastic/Fibreglass bumpers

  5. 2000 Passat F.S. (off topic)

  6. 200000 miles

  7. 84 westy - how to stop clock battery drain?

  8. 85-83 parts

  9. 86 Passenger Vanagon FS $900 in NJ

  10. 87 Passenger Vanagon FS $800 in MO

  11. 91 fridge not lighting

  12. AC Thermostat

  13. AC at last?

  14. AC conversion cost

  15. AT fluid

  16. AUX AC

  17. Admin taking the weekend off.

  18. Another Dometic Problem, Archives searched

  19. Another Dometic Problem, It lives!

  20. Another Dometic Question

  21. Another refrigerator question

  22. Anyone Need a (Vanagon) Wheelchair Lift?

  23. Anyone rebuilt an Auto Transmission?

  24. Auto accelerator repair

  25. Auto- accelerator cable repair

  26. Autopage (?) - remote keyless

  27. BUS CAMPOUT ENLAR5EMENT                                   

  28. Black carbon buildup on tail pipe

  29. Body Work, welding, and danger - A question

  30. Can anyone borrow/rent out a van in the bay area from july 24-26?

  31. Central / Northern CO Camping Spot Advice

  32. Clueless.........

  33. Continued, repeated messages from L-Soft server

  34. Control Arm Bushings

  35. Control Arm Bushings)

  36. Curtain Rods, kit available?

  37. Do you need a cassette deck radio?

  38. Dometic 182

  39. ECU for an 85 vanagon westfalia -preferably in Canada but not important

  40. Edmonton Alberta

  41. Excellent VW 2.1 rebuilt engine for sale in Vancouver BC area - photos

  42. FS: 1984 White GL 1.9wbx Auto trans w/ rare early PS. AC for Doka / Weekender interior/ $650 in San Francisco area

  43. FS: 1988 Vanagon GL, Auto, A/C in Reidsville, NC - $2750

  44. FS: 1991 Westfalia Multivan

  45. FS: Sanden 709 Compressor - New in Box

  46. FS: front seats, cheap

  47. FS: seat swivels

  48. Feedback wanted - Dash Console For Vanagon from BusDepot

  49. Fixed (Re: dometic pilot goes out when thermostat turned up)

  50. Followup to: Which "surging syndrome" is this one?

  51. For Sale:83.5 Westy Vanagon Low Miles , One Owner

  52. For sale: Power window regulator / motors

  53. Freeze 12 Update

  54. Friday - LVC - One more posting about bikes with no pedals - short video

  55. Fw: no head lights on an '87

  56. Has anyone else been treated badly by the guy from

  57. Hot deal on Heater Cores!

  58. How do you install a vaccum advance on a 1.9 distributor?

  59. How do you paint lots of bolts,efficently?

  60. Hunting and radiator fan

  61. Imagine My Surprise!

  62. Increasing security in Vanagon, Cabinet locks

  63. Increasing security in Vanagon, Cabinet locks (FRIDAY CONTENT)

  64. Instrument cluster screws

  65. Is the Digitool still available from someone???

  66. Is there a problem with aol again, or have I been bumped?

  67. Just how far in over my head am I? (long)

  68. Kooleraire?

  69. Le Tour Westy

  70. Lessons learned replacing brake master cylinder

  71. Looking for S42 Cooling Fan Fuse ???

  72. Loud metallic knock from engine??????

  73. Mr Buddy Heater

  74. Multiple vanagon listserv request notes/who's got the mailer virus?

  75. NVC Re: Is there a problem with aol again, or have I been bumped?

  76. Need clutch (?) info asap

  77. New improved VW Shops Review Page - Announcement

  78. No mail

  79. No-training wheels bicycle advice needed - UPDATE

  80. Norcold refrigerator + modest solar rig, a report [LVC]

  81. OT: No-training wheels bicycle advice needed - Some RVC around A/C

  82. OT: No-training wheels bicycle advice needed - UPDATE for anyone interested

  83. OXS light on

  84. Old Man Emu shocks

  85. Overheated... Now what?

  86. Patron Saints for Vanagons

  87. Patron Saints for Vanagons?

  88. Problems with shipping, vendor

  89. R-134a Conversion Costs?



  92. Ramblings of a Vanagon type of guy

  93. Red goo on pushrod tube

  94. Removing door panel

  95. Seat Swap

  96. Seat removal Help

  97. Short Trip Report w/ PopUp Camper

  98. Short in the starter circuit somewhere.

  99. Skylight Direction Opinions Sought

  100. Small Tear-Drop Camper

  101. Solar Charging

  102. Solar Charging?

  103. Speaking of back-up vehicles.

  104. Speedometer wheel clip

  105. Squeaking bushings upfront ??

  106. Syncro won't start when hot outside

  107. Tank Replacement due to clogged screen -- why bother?

  108. The best awning

  109. The incredible shrinking trim

  110. Thules on top with Yak racks

  111. Trade yard space for Vanagon auto tranny /doors in Seattle?

  112. Trip advice - northeast

  113. Trip advice - northeast - she must not really want advice - poor list etiquette


  115. VW logo LED brake light

  116. Valve Cover Gasket Leak

  117. WTB - Behr A/C unit

  118. WTB: Grey Passenger Side Seat Pedestal Carpet

  119. WTB: known good Brake Booster servo

  120. Westy Luggage rack seal fit

  121. Westy Road Trip

  122. Westy Single Center Seat For Sale

  123. Westy rentals in/around New Orleans

  124. Wont crank if voltage <= 12.0

  125. Your message to vanagon-request@GERRY.VANAGON.COM

  126. Zipper replacement

  127. [Syncro] Was there ever a 2.1WBX Turbo option?

  128. [T2] help with starter relay? (odd, see pics)

  129. [subaruvanagon] Behr A/C installation

  130. [] Old Man Emu shocks

  131. about the westy silver socket

  132. alternator belt - gates vs continental

  133. anybody in Markleville this past weekend??

  134. auto trans slow shift

  135. changing auto trans fluid - amsoil?

  136. cigrette lighter or silver socket - amp problem with air compressor

  137. early or late 81? (looking for starter)

  138. front seats, cheap

  139. fuel pump noise

  140. fuse box

  141. help with starter relay? (odd, see pics)

  142. in need of new chrome bumpers

  143. leaking transmission

  144. magic bus is dead; want parts?

  145. need engine mount bolt

  146. no head lights on an '87

  147. poptop insulation idea

  148. power window wiring

  149. rear cabinent in carats, weekenders . . .

  150. rear wiper inop

  151. s&s header install and speedo question

  152. seat removal help

  153. seat-rear-free-PGH

  154. source new gas tank

  155. starter removal 1986 2.1L

  156. stumbling backfiring '91 carat

  157. swivel seat bases

  158. testing charcoal can OUT of the car?

  159. two long coolant pipes

  160. unicat - another syncro substitute

  161. update on auto- accelerator cable repair

  162. vanagon Digest - 12 Jul 2006 - Special issue (#2006-580)

  163. vanagon stereo mount - for security!

  164. westy - interior ceiling/back side wall...paper thin material?

  165. westy silver socket

  166. westy silver socket - where to get plug?

  167. what is deal with "d" ecu

  168. what tool am i looking for? Limited vanagon content ...
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