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VANAGON archives – May 2011, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. 15 Inch Mercedes Sport Rims With Tires For Sale

  2. 1982 Diesel Westy in CL for $2300 is another scam

  3. 2.1 rebuild - new nuts for case halves

  4. 87 Vanagon 2.1 fuel injection wire harness G1 butt connector

  5. 911-S powered Vanagon back on ebay

  6. Alarm choices: was Today somebody got into my van

  7. Another 2.1L nut/case question

  8. Anyone have experience with Vanaru turnkey/Bostig engine swaps?

  9. Anyone know how to calibrate the speedo?

  10. Baja trip, no headlights.....

  11. Brake Job Front and Back 85 2wd vanagon. Wheel bearing question.

  12. Central Locking -- questions

  13. Changing the propane regulator

  14. Changing the propane regulator -#2

  15. Chrome Wheels

  16. Cutting edge tech. Carbon fiber...window crank.

  17. DVDclarksn

  18. Friday thought for the day

  19. Friday thought for the day/Vanagon Name

  20. Friday: Cherry Blossom Girl likes VW buses

  21. Fw: Tranny Linkage Boots, etc. no 1st gear

  22. Fwd: Specialty light sought

  23. Golf cart battery source

  24. Hoping John the Clay Artist is ok

  25. How do explain this?

  26. Is anybody going from Gardnerville to Reno...

  27. Long-term parking: nose up or nose down?

  28. MemberDatabase (Google map)

  29. My Poptop Front Screen DIY Replacement (pics)

  30. Power Steering Question

  31. PowerFlex Urethane Upper Control Arm Bushings

  32. Question about Central Locking System

  33. Radio Safe mode

  34. Re Friday thought for the day

  35. Rented an '87, heard same 2nd gear thump

  36. Repair Arm Rest Stop?

  37. Screw Holes, Cruise Control Sender: Thread? (Diesel Speedometer)

  38. So many toys so little money :)

  39. Specialty light sought

  40. Starter One more time!!

  41. Suitable range for tach?

  42. T3 Trivia

  43. Temp Gauge High on Startup + Blinking Light

  44. Throttle Body Removal

  45. Today somebody got into my van and rifled through it

  46. Tranny Linkage Boots, etc. no 1st gear

  47. Unca Joel: one more thing

  48. Vanagon Paper Ornament

  49. Vanagon Paper Ornament/Mission Accomplished!

  50. Westfalia Rental in or near Colorado Springs

  51. What Do I Put In The Sugject Line?

  52. What I did to my Vanagon today

  53. What's in your library?

  54. Which tachometer? 400-1300Hz or 800-2400Hz

  55. Won't run, yet I got 12 Volts ...

  56. Won't start (tries) (coughs)

  57. Won't start (tries) (coughs) (smokes)

  58. [FRIDAY]Reminder of my fundraising activities (San Francisco AIDS Foundation LifeCycle): June 5th (SF) - June 11th (LA)

  59. break-ins was Re: Alarm choices: was Today somebody got into my van

  60. dannyblank

  61. relays- was Baja trip, no headlights.....

  62. some pictures of a small VW classic meeting in Bavaria

  63. tw67syncro

  64. vanagon door handles

  65. vanagon fire

  66. wasserleaker

  67. will '86 door handles work on my '84?
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