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VANAGON archives – October 2011, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '87 rear seat into an '85?

  2. 1983 Vanagon GL

  3. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IFtWQU5BR09OXSBNb3JlIGFib3V0IHRpcmVzLi4uc29tZXdoYXQgZWFybHkgLi5zb3J0IG9mIEZyaWRheQ==?=

  4. =?utf-8?Q?Steering=20colium=20shell?=

  5. =?utf-8?Q?Steering=20column=20shell?=

  6. A stuck Sleeve....

  7. Attention automatic transmission owners; a little help!

  8. Auto Transmission slipping

  9. Baby seat installed in backseat of Vanagon.

  10. Battery Charger ?

  11. Best G-rated family westy movie clips on youtube

  12. Best G-rated family westy movie clips on youtube?

  13. Book tip: Road atlas and guide book in one for Canada.

  14. Break drums and fast flashers

  15. Camper side windows

  16. Caps for armrests...

  17. Close Encounters (trip report?)

  18. Convex mirror dot placement

  19. Cost of AT rebuild?

  20. Diesel Vanagon conversion parts for sale

  21. Diesel starter differences, Was Re: Starter motor do-it-yourself rebuild

  22. Exhaust fun never ends

  23. Exhaust fun never ends - some progress

  24. Finally Friday

  25. Friday - Fabric help in the Portland OR area

  26. Friday - remember the Lego T1 camper kit?

  27. Friday Funny

  28. Friday: Vanagon on TV

  29. Fuel issues/troubleshooting/stupidity (a little long but pretty good)

  30. Fwd: Re: washable seat covers

  31. Fwd: pulling parts from a diesel (what to scavenge)

  32. German fuel and water tank gauges

  33. Head gasket, cracked head, or more?

  34. Help. Needed North of SF

  35. Interesting Article on Westy Restoration

  36. Interesting alternative engine management / FI system

  37. Is it possible to speed in a 84 Westy w/ 1.9 engine?

  38. Leaky injection pump drive seal finally replaced

  39. Load-Inflation table for RA08 tire

  40. Looking for AC wiring harness for 87 Van

  41. Lost Power 85 Vanagon

  42. Manual mirror question

  43. Miata tire site calculator--worthless!i

  44. More about tires...somewhat early ..sort of Friday

  45. Mullendore port help follow-up

  46. New tires

  47. New tires - Sporty

  48. Oldest

  49. Oldest-1st van

  50. Oldest?

  51. PSA Frog Tape & Painting A Vanagon

  52. Re: [VANAGON] More about tires...somewhat early ..sort of Friday

  53. Rebuilding Vanagon locks

  54. Reputable "Wrenching" Forums, Lists for Beginner? Poss. Motorcycle Lists?

  55. Response from Graco re: car seat in rear facing jump seat

  56. Small smart charger with equalize mode?

  57. Steering column shell

  58. Subaru owner's answer to the Westfalia - NVC

  59. Thanks

  60. The tale of the escutcheon

  61. Thermostats - 87 degree vs 80 degree

  62. Thermostats - 87 degree vs. 80 degree

  63. Thule roof rack question

  64. Tires- 16" recommendations?

  65. Trip Report: Yes, Vermont is Beautiful in Autumn

  66. Trouble-Please HELP with 1.9 water pump removal issues

  67. Van stories

  68. Van stories Compilation

  69. Water Coming Out of City Water Port

  70. Westy sighting on abc

  71. Wipers blowing fuses

  72. [Diesel-Vanagon] Re: Diesel starter differences, Was Re: Starter motor do-it-yourself rebuild

  73. [Fri] Occupy Wall Street, is it '68 again?

  74. anyone have a carfax subscribtion?

  75. diesel questions

  76. heater switch

  77. insulating hot side of Dometic refer

  78. iphone vanagon leveling APP

  79. no dash lights and radio only works when engine is running

  80. not mine

  81. oil, was Tires- 16" recommendations?

  82. poo powder and related

  83. poo powder chemistry

  84. pulling parts from a diesel (what to scavenge)

  85. rebuilding Vanagon door locks - Steve's Lock Shoppe

  86. tire circumference

  87. tire size calculator Re: tire circumference

  88. vanagon Digest - 11 Oct 2011 - Special issue (#2011-795)

  89. wanted: pass side doka treasure chest door

  90. washable seat covers
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