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VANAGON archives – August 2013, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. 195R-14 HANKOOK RA08

  2. 1984 Westy For Sale

  3. 1984 Westy for Sale

  4. 88GL Tranny Swap - from manual to automatic

  5. =?utf-8?Q?Re:_Blue_pressure_cap,_1_valve_or_2=3F?=

  6. Adventurewagen question

  7. Anybody using a 2.0 gas engine in a vanagon conversion

  8. Anyone going to Busses By the Bouy?

  9. Anyone interested in buying a Diesel Joker Westy and having an adventure?

  10. Blinking Temp Light

  11. Blue pressure cap, 1 valve or 2?

  12. Bus Boys Oil Cooler Kit

  13. Bus Boys Oil Cooler Kit. .

  14. Carrying a kayak on the roof of a Westy

  15. Continued - 195R-14 HANKOOK RA08

  16. Cooling issues?

  17. Dometic 182B wiring

  18. Dometic RC2000 propane consumption?

  19. Email Address Change ASAP, Please!

  20. FS: add a poptop to your van

  21. Filling water tank when no hose is available (GoWesty connector)

  22. First trip with AAZ power plant

  23. Fuel filler tube grommet

  24. Fuel pressure anomaly

  25. Fwd from: [FordAW] Ed Anderson passes away

  26. Fwd: Group purchase gray Westy stove panel silk-screening

  27. Glove box

  28. Has anyone done a change from manual to automatic?

  29. Heater Ventilation Slider Controls

  30. Horns, improvements

  31. How bad is it to have dual carbs instaed if the FI on an 84

  32. Looking for some body parts for an 85 Westy

  33. Loss of power and slow top speed vendor praise

  34. Nice 1991 Westie wanted

  35. Nice 1991 Westie wanted - maybe

  36. Purple Vanagon on CL in VA. Wowzer!

  37. Rattling front grills

  38. RedTek and the Sight Glass

  39. Remove

  40. Replacement of Temp II sensor

  41. Replacement of Temp II sensor (problem!)

  42. Replacing cat and muffler.

  43. Subject: German quality?

  44. Tail pipes

  45. The Things You Are Sure You Know That Ain't So

  46. Toilet bowl Style Exhaust manifold and DP for I4 (CHEAP)

  47. Transmission/gear lube

  48. Trip Report and stunning mechanic find !

  49. Vanagon for sale in Philly

  50. Vanagon-Bay Window seat swap question

  51. Westy sighting!

  52. Zinc sandwich

  53. [T2] a BNNTA event update...

  54. adjustable rate fuel pressure regulator?...anyone tried one with Digifant?

  55. bumper build - starting on the trailer hitch

  56. class I trailer hitch wanted

  57. help needed in Anchoage

  58. help needed in Anchorage, AK

  59. need sliding glass for 85 westfalia sliding door

  60. propane lines

  61. stove burner replacement

  62. tranny oil analysis

  63. window crank handle recommendation

  64. you can start the search here for your Nice 1991 Westie wanted - maybe
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