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VANAGON archives – June 1998, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. "Wolf" bras, roof racks, bike racks, cupholders...

  2. ' 84 Westfalia FS

  3. '79 into an '80, was Re: '80 engine into a '79... doable?

  4. '80 engine into a '79... doable?

  5. '87 ECU or ?

  6. '87 Wolfsburg FS

  7. 100w H3 highbeams DO melt ignition switch!

  8. 4K miles on rebuilt AVP engine--Brief Report

  9. 85 Vanagon - should I buy

  10. 87 GL Camper

  11. 98 EVs

  12. A/C Fan Blower Switch

  13. A/C compressors

  14. A/C wirng on fire.

  15. AVP Info for Remanufactured engines....

  16. AVP engine, MPG and power problem

  17. Another dumb newbie request

  18. Battery cutout relay wiring question

  19. Bike Rack

  20. Brake pedal problem

  21. Bus Depot Cores

  22. Buying A Vanagon - End of Search

  23. CV joint bolts

  24. Conclusion to story of setting Idle

  25. Decorative License plates

  26. Dometic AC/DC fridges

  27. E-mail address change

  28. European VW Delivery

  29. FI Explanation

  30. FI Explanation -> Get Bentley's Bosch FI mANUAL

  31. FS 83 air cooled Westy

  32. FS: '91 GL Vanagon (non-camper) in ABQ

  33. Fitted Bed Sheets

  34. HELP!

  35. HELP! Anthony's oil psi question!!!!

  36. HELP! Anthony's oil psi question!!!!OOPS,correction

  37. High speed hiccup and noise in 2nd gear

  38. How deep can pits be in the head?

  39. How much R134a for '84 GL

  40. IT'S ALIVE (and it's a turbo-diesel)

  41. Installing heads -- what to do?

  42. Leaking gas

  43. Leaking gas - 2

  44. License plate mount

  45. Maritimes coming!

  46. Misc. dumb questions

  47. My parts and accessories wish list

  48. Need an inexpensive Westy?(Wash. D.C. area)

  49. Newbie Done Good

  50. Not read: URL change for the "Wayback Machine"

  51. Oil Pressure relief

  52. Oil drain may be stripped? How fix?

  53. Oil drain may be stripped? How fix?-try this

  54. Oil light and buzzer

  55. Oil pressure switch question

  56. Power window problem

  57. Pre-loading Rear Suspension :ayee!

  58. Pre-loading Rear Suspension :~o

  59. Pre-loading Rear Suspension and P ogo-sticks

  60. Radiator Fan Prob Fixed (NOT Thermoswitch): SUMMARY

  61. Real heat in an '82 Aircooled

  62. Rear Brakes - How do you get JUST the drum off?

  63. Safer than a Volvo

  64. Sliding Side Window Lock Repair

  65. South African Grilles(again!)

  66. South African Grilles(again!) -Reply

  67. Springs and spring rates

  68. Suspected leak ???

  69. Syncro Air Filters

  70. Tires for Westy??

  71. To Frank Condelli Re: Pittsburgh Area Junk Yards

  72. To replace fresh air fan--remove dashboard?!

  73. Traveling from Central BC to Southern Saskatchewan any route


  75. Update on HELP! for '84 water pump

  76. Update: No start after rain

  77. Update: No start after rain RESOLVED

  78. VR6 Eurovan

  79. Vanagon Safety - Stopping Distance?

  80. WTB front spoiler

  81. Westy safety

  82. What to bring (Help) lost message

  83. ZOINKS! Itsy bitsy Spark Plug pieces dancing in my engine?

  84. [Fwd: '79 into an '80, was Re: '80 engine into a '79... doable?]

  85. [Fwd: Re: Power window problem]

  86. [Fwd: Suspected leak ???]

  87. [Fwd: Vanagon exhaust]

  88. clanging

  89. coolant temp send wire

  90. dometic frig in SF/bay area

  91. gass show in columbiana, ohio this weekend

  92. holidays

  93. junkyard finds

  94. loud squeal from rear brake

  95. loud trans clanging in reverse and first

  96. loud transmission clanging in reverse?????

  97. oil pressure relief valve

  98. purpose of 3 snaps on bottom of folding bed?

  99. spacers and sproings

  100. spark plug ground terminal

  101. subscribe

  102. tightening up vent window

  103. wanted: hard case to fit in luggage compartment
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