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VANAGON archives – September 2011, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. 1984 1.9L engine UPPER THERMOSTAT HOUSING

  2. 1991 Westy, gas tank return hose size (and fuel line or injector line)?

  3. 2.1 WBX for sale, original 106K mi

  4. 91 Westfalia ground points, battery charging amps

  5. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IFtGXSBSb21hbiBuYW1lcw==?=

  6. A/C Duct Sagging-NLA?

  7. AC update

  8. Adding a tall top to a non-westie ?

  9. Brake Fade

  10. Brake Fade-wheel cylinder pull back!

  11. Burning Man Gate on Opening Day

  12. Buses By The Depot & Warehouse Sale - PETS now permitted!

  13. Buses by the Buoy '11 Pictures

  14. Charging circuit connection - battery under back bench in Westy?

  15. Charging circuit wiring upgrade/maintenance report/questions (longish)

  16. Clutch

  17. Clutch Adjustment ?

  18. Convert '85 Westy to trailer?

  19. Drivetrain Diagnosis Ideas Requested

  20. Floppy mirror...any fixes that actually work?

  21. Front bulb type for signal/parking, '91 GL

  22. Fwd: Bugfest Toledo BREAKFAST!!

  23. Fwd: Toledo VW Club's Bugfest this Sunday

  24. G terminal s

  25. Headlight Upgrade Dilemma

  26. Headlight Upgrade Eilemma

  27. High quality two pole 60A wiring connectors

  28. Jetta Conversion: Exhaust Bracket Redo... Done.

  29. Mutilated woodruff key at crankshaft

  30. Need AC Hose for Vanagon or info

  31. Needed - right front - turn signal light socket and boot.

  32. New spin on parking light problem, '91 Westy GL

  33. Oil press. buzzing

  34. Play Proof (was: Need Instrument Cluster Foil ...)

  35. Please help

  36. Problem with 1991 Vanagon cooling system

  37. Source for Woodruff key

  38. Stereo wires don't match up

  39. T3 Vanagon makes the grade for large Swiss Alps Vintage VW gathering

  40. USB power?

  41. VW Factory - Dresden

  42. VW Syncro in Overland Journal

  43. Van-O-Rama is TODAY in SSF

  44. Vanagon haven

  45. Vancouver Earthquake?

  46. Wanted: Pics from Van-O-Rama last weekend

  47. Water pump impeller wore into case

  48. Westy .gif

  49. Westy Now, Boat Soon? (Friday)

  50. Westy sighting I-94

  51. Westy sighting/cont. divid

  52. [F] Roman names

  53. [NVC] Hydraulics

  54. recovery gear (F)

  55. unsubscribe
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