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VANAGON archives – March 2012, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. 120HP RE: Craigslist Diamond in Rough!

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  6. Automatic starter wiring

  7. Baja Whale trip, success! Video!

  8. Brake Caliper Done?

  9. Brake caliper

  10. Brake questions

  11. Catalytic Converter???? Anyone go without it???

  12. Craigslist Diamond in Rough!

  13. Driving a Vanagon in Belize (long but good)

  14. FS: '87 Westy on VA CL

  15. FS: Pricy 2WD Westy on VA CL

  16. FS: westy rear table and arm

  17. Fix it as it needs?...or Go For IT!!

  18. Forgive Me Friday

  19. Friday New Beetle Question

  20. Friday, St Practice Day - a St Paddy + VW bus video

  21. Full Westy vs Weekender

  22. Fun question for Friday

  23. Fwd: Re: Soft Brake Pedal Pressure after driving with Emergency brake on.

  24. Help! Traveling through Phoenix, Tucson and Vegasneed parts

  25. Hi Gang! I'm back!!!

  26. Intermittent starting

  27. Is BBTB the biggest campout?

  28. Left, rear trailing arm

  29. Looking for receiver hitch (Seattle)

  30. Made In The USA

  31. Manual Tranny Oil

  32. Need 2.1 WBX ECU in the bay area

  33. Oh, the highs and lows....

  34. Outside Table for Vanagon

  35. Pics Of The Sink Cabinet

  36. Rear Axle replacment

  37. Rear Brake set up-The spacers

  38. Sliding door stop

  39. Soft Brake Pedal Pressure after driving with Emergency brake on.

  40. Tire pressure '86 Westy

  41. Tire size

  42. Tom Buese shelf for sale

  43. Using the "extra" LEDs in the instrument cluster

  44. Vanagon specific Stainless Steel hardware kits

  45. Webasto control panel for sale

  46. [Syncro] Need 2.1 WBX ECU in the bay area

  47. [WetWesties] Canadian Importing Vanagon Westfalia to Canada: insurance while in US?

  48. brake shoe bottom spacer

  49. hard start problem

  50. interesting silicone repair material ... i have yet to try

  51. jumps out of 4th gear...

  52. need some small parts please

  53. rafflebus

  54. testing Westy prop tank w/o propane?

  55. testing westy prop tank w/o propane?

  56. vanagon Digest - 15 Mar 2012 to 16 Mar 2012 - Special issue (#2012-156)

  57. weird brake warning light problem
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