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VANAGON archives – June 2001, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. ** PLEASE READ ** Change the List's Reply-To address

  2. 1992 westfalia eurovan for sale

  3. 4th heater core burst in 1 year!

  4. 83' Vanagon - Coolant Temp Sensor and O2 Sensor - Could These Effect Idle?

  5. 91 Vanagon GL Top Speed?

  6. <No subject>

  7. A Saab Story

  8. A couple of vanagon Westy questions

  9. AC Charge Question

  10. AC Charge Question80

  11. Agilis 51

  12. Agilis 51 Vs Agilis 61's

  13. Anti What?

  14. Automatic TRANSMISSION conversion options

  15. Bob 4 President !

  16. Brake noise

  17. Brighter lights

  18. BusFusion - Volkswagen Van Painting Contest stats & pics

  19. CV Joints oh no!

  20. Canadian Exhaust

  21. Cat. converter=gutted

  22. Catalytic converter

  23. Center Console

  24. Comment on Michlein Agilis

  25. Comments Shadow List

  26. DIfference b/w 84 & 85 van

  27. Door buzzer - how do I kill it?

  28. Engine conversions and such...

  29. Engine conversions and such...(Long and rant like)

  30. Euro Parts for Vangon GL?

  31. Eva Comes through !!

  32. FOR SALE 1980 VW Vanagon Westfalia

  33. FREE: 14" steel rims

  34. FREE: Driver's side sunvisor

  35. FREE: Gray weekender middle bench w/ headrests

  36. FS 1985 Camper $1500 - Deerfield Beach (Miami) Florida - needs engine

  37. FS: Awning Side Panels

  38. Friday Humor

  39. Fuel System Issue

  40. Fw: Speedometer Cable Noise

  41. Fw: Tires... (I don't want to flog a dead horse, but...)

  42. GONE: was FREE: Gray weekender middle bench w/ headrests

  43. Gas Milage

  44. Gas cap question

  45. Gas cap question.

  46. Gas mileage

  47. Heading west

  48. Hollister Syncro CD & New Bus CD

  49. How the heck to prime oil pump? (Vanagon D)

  50. Idle Controller?

  51. Illinois emission test foolisness( semi long)

  52. Jerky Speedo needle

  53. Jerky too? Re: Fw: Speedometer Cable Noise

  54. Look folks, I'm kinda desprite here...

  55. MVMA or other specs for Vanagon?

  56. Middle Seatbelts again

  57. More Syncros & a Tristar for sale

  58. NEW Fiberglass bumpers and side moulding prices

  59. Need head temp sensor for FI

  60. Newfoundland Repairs

  61. Oil pressure switch

  62. Overheating problem

  63. Paint for front grill(e)

  64. Pirelli P6000 report

  65. Redwood Campout - Route Directions

  66. Seattle TRANNY rebuild for '89

  67. Sticky Accelerator Cable

  68. Subaru Engine donor for sale

  69. Success + Timing question.

  70. TIICO is here!!

  71. Terry's Anti Semitic Insults

  72. Terry's Anti Semitic Insults --

  73. Test 2

  74. The skylight guy / TEST

  75. TiiCo Install Video needed

  76. Tiico conversion issues....

  77. Tires... (I don't want to flog a dead horse, but...)

  78. Tough driving

  79. Tough driving(thin air)

  80. Towing Vanagon by Tow Dolly

  81. Trailer hitch and other Parts for Sale

  82. Trip Report #2

  83. Trip around Superior

  84. Van is down - help!

  85. Vanagons in Minnesota

  86. WESTY A/C SYSTEM FOR SALE!! Re: What's it Worth?

  87. Westies Under the Redwoods

  88. What's it Worth?

  89. Won't start in the mornings.....

  90. [DIESEL] How the heck to prime oil pump? (Vanagon D)

  91. [Re: 91 Vanagon GL Top Speed?]

  92. [Re: [Re: 91 Vanagon GL Top Speed?]]

  93. [Re: searching for Ned Peckerhead]

  94. [Syncro] Old Man Emu Shocks -- Or Are They?

  95. [Westies Under the Redwoods]

  96. anyone parting out?

  97. cheap way to upgrade brake, back-up, running, and rr turn signals lights

  98. firing order? and cylinder numbers

  99. from Minnesota

  100. homemade center console??

  101. it's friday, can I say saab?

  102. middle seatbelts

  103. names

  104. non-locking gas cap for sale

  105. pop top conversion

  106. propane tank fill valve wierdness

  107. radiator fan

  108. rebuilt head and rocker arm clearance

  109. removing front brake grease caps

  110. replacing antenna ??

  111. searching for Ned P.

  112. searching for Ned Peckerhead

  113. skimmed head

  114. vanagon chat
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