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VANAGON archives – April 2012, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '86 Westy stock rims

  2. 1.9L '85 - Water in gas tank - Problem SOLVED!!!!!!

  3. 2.5l Urabus, black on white panel. :)

  4. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IE5vdyBJdCdzIERvd24gVG8gM0stU3RlYWwgSXQgTm93IQ==?=

  5. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IFtWQU5BR09OXSBQb3AgVG9wIENhbnZhcyBBbmQgTGl0dGxlIEJsb2NrcyBvZiBXb29k?=

  6. Alarm with power door locks?

  7. Animoto Hot Bus Video (Friday)

  8. Aux Battery

  9. Bus Depot

  10. Bus Depot Add-a-room instructions

  11. Canvas Replacement-

  12. Canvas Replacement-Even More

  13. Canvas Replacement-I Regret Ever Buying This Van!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Canvas-Done!!

  15. Closet mods- pictures

  16. Convex sde mirror for early Vanagon?

  17. Custom work on westie today

  18. Cv boot passenger side

  19. Diff Lock Stuck On!!!

  20. E15 Coming & the Wasserboxer

  21. Engine cut out.

  22. Euro Tail Light Trade?

  23. FS: Bentley Manual Vancouver WA CL

  24. FW: auto transmission slippage

  25. Fiamma Mounting Brackets was Great Vendor Response

  26. Flywheel / O- ring...Launch

  27. Flywheel Install / O - ring

  28. Flywheel Install / O - ring Starter Bendix

  29. For sale 1984 GL 1.9 $400, Boise, ID

  30. Friday Flamers US DOT HazMat Placards (

  31. Frydaye - Advice Needed re Tinted Windows and Dog

  32. Fuel consumption in different gears - how does the energy / fuel, work?

  33. Great Vendor Response was Weird Hatch Struts?

  34. Help Installing German mudflaps from Bus Depot?

  35. Installing adapter for TDI Starter on Auto trans Vanagon

  36. Kennedy Engineering website?

  37. Look At This One!!

  38. Maria Alovert - Biodiesel Homebrew Guide

  39. Mike West - from Van BC area?

  40. Move the Syncro

  41. Nissan NV Cargo van review

  42. Norcold 12v dc installation question

  43. Norcold 12v dc now for sale

  44. Now It's Down To 3K-Steal It Now!

  45. Oil pressure light and buzzer

  46. On Indy craigslist: '81 with Subaru conversion, $2500

  47. Oxygen sensor-Bosch on sale at Advance Auto

  48. Pop Top Canvas And Little Blocks of Wood

  49. Power window electrical question.

  50. Slow turnover when starting.

  51. The Syncros are Here... Almost

  52. Tires

  53. Trivial Problem

  54. VW of Canada Reman Plant Sold to Cummins? When?

  55. Water level sensors

  56. Weird Hatch Struts?

  57. Weird Hatch Struts? Hatch strut options!

  58. What's this broken connector?

  59. [Syncro] Diff Lock Stuck On!!!

  60. [WetWesties] Great Vendor Response was Weird Hatch Struts?

  61. auto transmission slippage

  62. cooling system leak

  63. need key for ghia

  64. rear wheel bearing question

  65. rear wheel bearing question - Timkein's recommendation on how much

  66. rear wheel bearing revisited

  67. replacing brake lines

  68. tires

  69. vanagon Digest - 20 Apr 2012 to 21 Apr 2012 - Special issue (#2012-235)

  70. window scoop
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