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VANAGON archives – October 1999, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. #Engine in 1990 Vanagon 2.1L cutting out randomly

  2. '90 Syncro Westy FS (Seattle) $14,000

  3. '91 Syncro For Sale

  4. 'The death of a mouse' in Vanagon not an Arthur Miller tale

  5. 1.9 to 2.1

  6. 4 Westfalias for sale

  7. 89westy4sale-deliveryavail

  8. A quite different Transporter

  9. Any Country Homes Campers out there?

  10. Any Members in France: Tous membres en France

  11. Any experience with California Campers?

  12. Anyone else having problems ordering from busdepot?

  13. Battery 82 Westy

  14. Brand new '86-'91 Vanagon calipers FS

  15. Camper Exterior Labels

  16. Canvas: Cotton or "Sunbrella" ??

  17. Carrol Shelby, Terlingua Racing, ICS, CASI etc.

  18. Click on this link for pic- power steering belt wear on your oil filler tube!!

  19. Coolant Leak at Cylinder Head Cap Nut

  20. Dead mouse in vanagon heater - which Bentley or who can help?

  21. ECU problems tied into Weird Hesitation / Loss of Power

  22. ECU problems? '87 Westy

  23. EGR Filter Replacement on '81 Air cooled

  24. Eurospec stuff

  25. FFFFrydaye Fan Tasses

  26. FFFFrydaye Flat Ewe Lens

  27. FFFrrrrydaye Fearless Follies ... only 10 cents!!!

  28. FS: 1989 Westy

  29. FS: 84 Adventurewagen SF area California

  30. FS: Service Station Building in San Diego

  31. FWD:Fall Missouri campout Nov. 19,20,21

  32. Friday Funnies

  33. Gold Westy Sighted in Rockport MA

  34. Hall effect sender (trivia)

  35. Hall effect sender question and stuttering

  36. Have tire question, Please not again

  37. Have tire question, also working on a amphibious Vanagon!

  38. Hello again and '91 lifter replacement questions

  39. How do you replace the hose from the coolant overflow ...

  40. How do you replace the hose from the coolant overflow tank?!!

  41. Icky stuff at the Bus Depot?

  42. Installation of Westy Top

  43. K.I.S.S. on the List

  44. KYB shocks

  45. Late Model Westy Wanted in PA

  46. Lemon List

  47. Lighting Fridge


  49. Michelin MXT Specs.

  50. Might be for Sale 87 Westy

  51. Might be for Sale 87 Westy (F)

  52. Might be for Sale 87 Westy - long

  53. Mileage at Altitude

  54. Mileage at altitude

  55. Mileage at altitude - responses/experiences requested

  56. Mileage at high altitude

  57. My left foot

  58. NAPA hose conversion find

  59. NT Help re Syncro Party

  60. NYC Spotted VW Dealer 84 westy FS $6999

  61. Never be bugged by a listee again! (no Vanagon Content)

  62. New Dash Pod/Dynamic Oil Pressure

  63. Number 3 cylinder not firing

  64. OME shocks

  65. Oily newspapers, was: Seam Rust Observation

  66. Order of the dyno testing...

  67. PA bus & van owner breakfast

  68. Parts & Stuff For Sale!

  69. Possible Weekender Purchase

  70. Power Measurement and Comparison of Modifications

  71. Quality muffler for 87 GL

  72. Quantum 5 cyl won't start( no Vanagon..)

  73. Rear Mattress for '90 Syncro

  74. Resistor pack, rear heater fan

  75. Seam Rust Observation

  76. Stock US vs S/A mufflers

  77. Stove Burner Flame Problem 82 Wesfalia

  78. Stubborn Oxygen Sensor

  79. Sunday Washington Post Classifieds

  80. Syncro Party Photos

  81. Terlingua TX Chili Cookoff

  82. The 5th Van (Halloween Special)

  83. This is wacky!

  84. Turn Any car into a Westy WannaBe!

  85. Uniform Tire Quality Grading, was: Michelin MXT Specs.

  86. Updated Cinerama page

  87. VW Marketing in U.S.A.

  88. VW Marketing in U.S.A., was: A quite different Transporter

  89. Vanagon Heater Part Needed

  90. Vanagon Rear Mattress

  91. Vanagon Shock&Spring Replacement

  92. Vanagon Spell Checker Alert! (F)

  93. WTB - A Bentley

  94. What Kanas does....

  95. You could be fooled (story of low oil pressure)

  96. boxer 6

  97. diesel conversion for 88 westy

  98. digifant II has a barometer was: Mileage at altitude

  99. flashing clock

  100. go to this link for pic- throttle spring adjustment question

  101. list

  102. mice in heater

  103. mileage at altitude

  104. oil leak

  105. waterboxer lifter tubes

  106. window gasket

  107. wondering out loud (several questions) in Colorado
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