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VANAGON archives – November 2005, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "MotorWeek" hybrid segment was Re: serial hybrid conversion?

  2. 14 New AW pictures added to my album


  4. 4 Speakers and Stereo For Sale or Trade

  5. 83 yellow paint code?

  6. A fuel line check is always prudent...

  7. A postponed maintenance issue returns to haunt

  8. Anyone with Carfax?

  9. Aside from Wsetfalia, what other Vanagon conversions?

  10. BGT: Unique! 1989 Dehler-Profi T3 Syncro 16"

  11. Ball Joint Replacement

  12. Ball Joint Replacement Time

  13. Build Your Own Van Fridge Kit

  14. Burning smell from rear heater

  15. Can the pre 86 upper grill be fitted into a post 85 vanagon?

  16. Ceramic Coat Catalytic Converter?

  17. Clamshell mod

  18. Clear title??? exportation

  19. Clutch Problems?

  20. Comments on the Oil Cooler Upgrade Issue

  21. Coolant level changes day to day

  22. Cracked Slider Hub Pictures

  23. Exhaust Pipe Rust Prevention

  24. FS: Carat/ Wolfsburg interior w/ flip out table..fits all pass vans

  25. FS: westy rear cushion & sofabed..will split up -has door in sofabed front panel

  26. Flasher Relay Mystery

  27. Flasher Relay Mystery Solved

  28. For Archives: replacing transmission drive shaft seals

  29. Free 14'' vanagon tires (set of 4) almost new

  30. Further trials and tribulations on my wander

  31. Hangning Closet Removal

  32. Honey I shrunk the coolant pipes

  33. Honey I shrunk the coolant pipes (LVC)

  34. I HATE to start a tire thread, but...

  35. In Tucumcari now

  36. Jetta Woes and Vanagon Waves (long winded)

  37. Kerosene to clean out engine before oil change

  38. LVC - My 15 minutes of fame

  39. Lazy mans way to oil changes-Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve

  40. Lower grill screw inserts needed

  41. Mann Oil filter confusion Listees/Vendors please help....

  42. Marvel Mystery Oil

  43. Mechanic in Amarillo??

  44. NVC - Video Capture software and hardware

  45. Need # for Bosch Relay with Arc Suppression

  46. Normal Voltage readings for 2nd battery?

  47. OT - older bus caliper

  48. OT: VW Golf Country 4 Sale

  49. Oil Filter Magnets

  50. Oil filter Magnets

  51. Old Spare Tire

  52. Old Spare air

  53. Power window switch? Cheap new ones

  54. Rear Disc Brake conversion

  55. Rear Disc Brake, Pics avail.

  56. Sound Deadening a Vanagon

  57. Speed

  58. Starter Problems update

  59. Starter problem

  60. Storing Van outside over winter???

  61. T3s from Graz ( was Old Spare Tire )

  62. The Official VW Full Timers Survival Guide 2006?

  63. The continuing saga, stuck in Tucumcari

  64. Tire Chains for Syncro

  65. Top Speed

  66. Vanagon X-Mass presents

  67. Veggie powered 82 FS on craigslist

  68. Video Capture software

  69. WTB: Passenger Side Westfalia Mud Flap

  70. Webasto "Blue Heat"

  71. What kind of engine is this?

  72. Wierd (Ignition?) Problem...

  73. Windshield wiper?

  74. [Syncro] Aside from Wsetfalia, what other Vanagon conversions?

  75. a commentary on VW by a Scottsman (Recall Piech!)

  76. best price for OEM fender flares?

  77. big badge grille

  78. bike rack on rear hatch? which yakima rack q-clip number??

  79. booster seat help

  80. boulder vanagon wave

  81. busdepo

  82. cheap Carat on samba

  83. converter inerts was Re: Ceramic Coat Catalytic Converter?

  84. decelerator switch?Re: Clutch Problems?

  85. for sale: westy rear table

  86. hall sender in the audi 4000 same as vanagon 83-85 237-011-050 ??

  87. heater -> Mrheater Buddy heater ??

  88. kombi rides again in NZ

  89. lower vacuum hose below afm 85gl

  90. modified T5

  91. more on VW soap opera

  92. more x-refs for my 851.9L parts inventory

  93. mount gauges in special A/C radio box?

  94. mushy brakes due to shop's error

  95. re. Re: Ceramic Coat Catalytic Converter?

  96. reverse light switch

  97. serial hybrid conversion?

  98. the shape the government is in - Frydaye Phollies - NVC

  99. the shape the government is in - Frydaye Phollies - NVC (long)

  100. thump, thump

  101. thump, thump p.s.

  102. uh oh ! rear heater bleeder screw broke off.

  103. vanagon Digest - 14 Nov 2005 to 15 Nov 2005 - Special issue (#2005-945)

  104. vanagon Digest - 17 Nov 2005 (#2005-952)

  105. vw files and wins WIPO action

  106. winter storage
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