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VANAGON archives – July 2010, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '70s Type 2 campers?

  2. 40 minutes drive and then cuts out.

  3. Addendum to gas tank install...

  4. Alternative regulator?

  5. Alternator output

  6. Alternator output and wire size?

  7. Another no start problem

  8. Anyone have a good used IACV (idle air control valve) for 2.1 waterboxer to sell me?

  9. Auto Transmission Fail (Pics)

  10. Automatic torque biasing

  11. Back from West River Westys VII

  12. Barrier creams for keeping hands clean

  13. Brainstorming: Kayak on Top?

  14. Brainstorming: Kayak on Top? (was: Gas Mileage Improvements?)

  15. Buses Of the Corn - August 13,14,15 Brooklin Ontario

  16. Buying advice

  17. Cab Cupholders - 5 pairs available

  18. Camping spots close to Elks Grove (Chicago)?

  19. Carfax request?

  20. Clear Title? Was Buying advice

  21. Cockeyed Parking Brake Equalizer

  22. Dash Cluster Needed, '86+

  23. Double checking the tank I need

  24. Dropped from the main Vanagon mailing list

  25. ETKA7 in english

  26. Electric Locks - Rear hatch will not open

  27. Electric door locks out of control!

  28. FS: Euro Square Headlight Grille with Washers

  29. FS: on eBay Idle Control Unit p/n 251 907 393 D for 2.1 WBX -- start bid at 99 cents

  30. FW: Granddad's cool van...

  31. Final Tire Tour / New shoes; New Heart for the 521 Bus

  32. Free 14" steel wheels - Wa state

  33. Friday fun, F1 drivers in splitty

  34. Frydaye Follies

  35. Fuel Pump Failure - trouble shoot & repair (if Possible)

  36. Fwd: 1989 VW Westfalia question

  37. Fwd: Important information only for those vanagonites considering traveling to mexico

  38. Fwd: Kaslo

  39. Gas Mileage Improvements?

  40. Getting that metral breather tube in

  41. Granddad's cool van...

  42. Hatch Latch or Hatch Extension was: Where to buy Limbo Hatch Stick?

  43. High Country Bus Festival - July 21-25, 2010

  44. Info on Hwy 20 in Wa?

  45. Installin new coolant lines - need gas tank advice...

  46. Installing Golf/Jetta/Fox Speedo in a Syncro w/ Oil Pressure Buzzer

  47. Jetta Conversion. Coolant Sensor DTC. WBX Temp Gauge LED Cause This?

  48. Kaslo

  49. Left my new baby in St. James

  50. Link to Gaspe trip report with pix

  51. List Member on I90W Today?

  52. Long coolant lines and gas tank install done ... see the video

  53. MOD Re: Dropped from the main Vanagon mailing list

  54. MSW Type 15 16" wheels question

  55. Marietta Ohio Campsite recommendations wanted

  56. Mellow Yellow got hitted

  57. Mellow Yellow got hitted (another update)

  58. My Rusty Exhaust Is No More

  59. My project status update

  60. Need 1- Michelin Agilis 61 185r14

  61. OXS sensor light question

  62. Oil Leak Strikes Back>>>>

  63. On the road again (for the third or fourth time, I don't remember)

  64. On the way....

  65. Parts wanted

  66. Pressure test cooling system howto?

  67. Random wire... Ugh.

  68. Recommended A/C System Flush

  69. Rusted Exhaust

  70. Sink faucet needed.... (between Denver and Minneapolis...)

  71. Sorry message sent in error!

  72. Source for longer wheel bolts & studs?

  73. Stranded in Portland OR UPDATE

  74. Swivel Seat install into a passenger Vanagon

  75. Trip report: Final Tire Tour & New Heart for the 521 Bus (longish)

  76. Two failed tires... :-(


  78. Valuing Our Rigs. Hail Damage

  79. Vanagon Air Scoops

  80. Vanagon Lifting

  81. Vanagon T-Shirts

  82. Vanagon-themed attire?

  83. Vanagon/Westy Clothing, Bedding, Pillow-Cases, Book-Bags, Purses, T-shirts, Table Cloths etc

  84. WTB: 15" steel wheels near Victoria, BC

  85. WTB: 1990 Syncro Radius Rod

  86. Was hatch latch, etc. Now...some pics including my hatch latch.

  87. Westies everywhere... :-)

  88. Where to buy Limbo Hatch Stick?

  89. Wild idle

  90. after vacation reset mail

  91. cruise control trouble shooting

  92. curious behaviour of interior led lights

  93. drilling into pop top

  94. flexible PCB

  95. fraidai

  96. fuel pump producing bubbles

  97. gauge faceplate

  98. looking for Phil Zimmerman

  99. master brake light misbehaving

  100. need help with wiring interior on 1984 Westy

  101. new fuel pump taped up

  102. new fuel pump wiring

  103. shurflo faucet pump priming problem

  104. sliding door interlock help..

  105. stalling and hard restart

  106. subject Re: Where to buy Limbo Hatch Stick?
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