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VANAGON archives – July 2013, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '90-'91 red carat.. Re: Sally is FS

  2. Adhesive recommendation for rear motor insolation

  3. Best way from bumper mounted lights to under dash?

  4. Circle The Wagen

  5. DIY engine hoist?

  6. Doka sighting in Bend, Oregon

  7. Easy headlight warning buzzer

  8. FRIDAY: Regulations for VW savings books

  9. FW: Idle Control Issues

  10. Failed emissions for third time

  11. Failed emissions for third time-Florida emmissions!

  12. Failed emissions for third time-Some helpful hints.

  13. For auto trans owners only

  14. How easy is it to .....

  15. How to wire on-off-on-switch

  16. I gave the wrong URL for window tint website

  17. I'm going to disconnect my oil pressure guage

  18. Idle Control Issues

  19. Is there anyone under 60 on this list???? WAS:Wife is done with Vanagon a...West River Westies

  20. LVC Friday: Camp Fire Heat Damage Cell Phone?

  21. List Member Count

  22. Looking for Vanagon Jack

  23. Mini Trip Report

  24. Muffler question

  25. Mufflers and OXS sensor

  26. Mufflers and OXS sensor-Catalytic converters!

  27. NVC Keeping mice at bay

  28. NVC-Ideas for keeping mice out of your real range?

  29. Not just for A/T owners, was Re: For auto trans owners only

  30. Plastic sheet inside doors-transitions to mildly long rant/whining of jealous Westy-Hell hath no fury like a Vanagon scorned!

  31. Plastic sheet inside doors?

  32. Rantworthy '85 Westy ad?

  33. Rear wiper no wipe

  34. Running out of castor adjustment

  35. Sally is FS

  36. Sound proofing, was: Muffler question

  37. Suggested Minimum Tools To Carry

  38. Trip "Report". Comments and Pics.

  39. Vanagon Westy Featured in Commercial

  40. Weekend project: tinted windows

  41. West River Westies Micro Bus record

  42. What to buy?

  43. Wiring/fuse question

  44. [WetWesties] LVC Friday: Camp Fire Heat Damage Cell Phone?

  45. burning smell - brakes or tire?

  46. engine bucking and bogging - simple answer

  47. exhaust leak, header tubes to collector on 2.1 engine

  48. headlights with relay setup are inop

  49. look out Felder Industries! - westy table mod

  50. radiator fan speeds vs AC

  51. remove from list

  52. replacing fuel tank

  53. replacing fuel tank - Using different filler neck

  54. thermostat - no kidding, Sherlock
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