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VANAGON archives – June 2014, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '86 Westy + Vanagon For Sale Vancouver BC

  2. 1991 Westfalia Atlantic (1.6L TD, 5-spd)

  3. 91 Carat - Turn Signals and Flasher

  4. 91 Carat w/auto tranny - weird shifting

  5. 91 Carat w/autotranny - Turn Signal Issue

  6. : Hi list. 90 syncro bad leak stuck in parking lot

  7. =?utf-8?Q?July=E2=80=A2August_AAA_via_magazine?=

  8. A benefit of not pumping your own gas

  9. A benefit of not pumping your own friday gas pricing semi-rant...

  10. A/C compressor not turning

  11. AC Removal

  12. AFM Idle Mixture Screw - loosey goosey

  13. An '84 GL 7-seater for rescue

  14. Any one need dash light wiring?

  15. Broken/Loose Adjustable Arm Rest - passenger seat - window side.

  16. Cabinet Hinge set - Brown

  17. Check your spam folder - Gmail workaround

  18. DH vs MV?

  19. Decent Brake Flaring Tool?

  20. Dumb Question - Remote Start Switch

  21. ETKA installation

  22. Exclusive

  23. Free to a good home -- Drives Side Rectangular Light

  24. Friday NVC: European Union switch to diesel not working so well

  25. Fridge flame led always on fixed

  26. Fw: Where to find front driver signal light?

  27. Fwd: Broken/Loose Adjustable Arm Rest - passenger seat - window side.

  28. Galley lighting addition

  29. Hello people

  30. Hi list. 90 syncro bad leak stuck in parking lot

  31. Idle Control Valve - Part 2

  32. Idle control issue

  33. Inconsistent stumbling on resume throttle. Was "vanagon syndrome?"

  34. Inconsistent stumbling on resume throttle..Was "vanagon syndrome?"

  35. Inner Tie Rod Tool. Work on Vanagons?

  36. Looking for early 80s green stripe upholstery fabric

  37. Looking for one Audi 5000 15" alloy rim

  38. Loving the mineral oil

  39. NVC - But ya gotta see

  40. New Starter...Solenoid Hanging Up

  41. On the Road Again

  42. Oregon gasoline- was Steve Sandlin keys win again

  43. Oregon, the Only State that will let you commit suicide, but not pump your own gas!

  44. Poll: Favorite anti-theft device?

  45. Pyramid Lake and new Dometic cooler

  46. Sand Dune and La Garitas

  47. Slider door (early version) outer handle getting loose

  48. Starter solenoid powered by fuel pump!!!

  49. Steering wheel wrap?

  50. Syncro LowerControlArms

  51. Syncro clutch slave cyl replacement shenanigans

  52. Syncro fuel tank issues

  53. TSB Concerning Vanagon Steering Racks

  54. Vendor reputation

  55. West River Westies and bench or jump seat wanted

  56. What to do with a Dometic RC160E cooler?

  57. Where to find front driver signal light?

  58. Window rain shields?

  59. Wtb; tan door panels

  60. vannie diesel cooling hoses
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