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VANAGON archives – December 2003, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. (NVC) But my comments on the concept Microbus...

  2. (NVC) But my comments on the concept Microbus..., now Phaeton

  3. 2.2L EuroCars Engine vs 2.1l Boston Engine

  4. 2nd battery info, not quite there yet

  5. 4th Gear Ratio Swaps?

  6. 83.5 Westy FS

  7. 84 manual transmission - resolved - AA transaxle

  8. 91 GL Dash Lights out

  9. <No subject>

  10. Air Fuel Mixture Logic

  11. Are you a list member?

  12. Bearing Grease Confusion

  13. Bentley's Manual

  14. Bentley's Manual $30.00 (used)

  15. Bleeder screws for brakes

  16. Call for North American VW Shop Reviews

  17. Carfax?

  18. Coolant Overflowing

  19. Coolant Overflowing!

  20. Cruise Control in NH - Where are you?

  21. DIESEL valve adj./head rebuild info?

  22. Digijet Fuel Injectors

  23. Does anyone have a schematic for SHIFTER ASSEMBLY?

  24. Error in the Bentley

  25. Experiences with Buslab in Berkeley?

  26. FS 84 automatic, Baltimore, MD area $950

  27. FS:Fiberglass skirting for front doors

  28. Front springs shot?

  29. Fw: 2.2L EuroCars Engine vs 2.1l Boston Engine

  30. Hall Sender question

  31. Happy Holidays

  32. Happy Holidays!

  33. Happy Yule, Y'all !!

  34. High Beams

  35. Holiday Wishes

  36. Hummer Grill

  37. Ignition Wire Sets

  38. LED tail lights (was Skylight Arm)

  39. MOAB - We are going anyone else in for some Adventure???

  40. Mechanic in Berkeley

  41. Mystery engine wire

  42. NVC - MessageLabs Virus Notice

  43. NVC: Epoxy for bumper molding repair

  44. New Bus Resolution 27 Dec- 1 Jan(campout)

  45. Oil Light Discovery

  46. Oil Light Discovery-Fram Filters

  47. Oil light not working on 90 2.1L

  48. Our ridiculous money pits

  49. Out of Office AutoReply: Re: [VANAGON] NVC: Epoxy for bumper molding repair

  50. Outside Flue Vent

  51. Phaedra

  52. Pop Top Conversion

  53. Pop Top Conversion (f)

  54. Post-smog issues

  55. Power Window Issues on a 90 Carat

  56. RoadHaus - Favorite Road Music CD's

  57. RoadHaus - Joyous Holidays

  58. RoadHaus - Repair Mantra

  59. RoadHaus - VW Shop Data ready for Proofing

  60. Running Rich after head replacement

  61. Running rich after Head replacement,

  62. S.Florida couple wants to buy/trade for another van, Westy preferred.

  63. Season's greetings

  64. Second battery install instructions

  65. Single relay kit arrived... now what?

  66. Slave cylinders, fuel lines and coolant lines.

  67. Square Headlight Uprgade ?

  68. Square Headlight Uprgade? Round, Square, Lighting Relays . . .

  69. Square Headlight upgrade?

  70. Stabilizer bar link (Vertical bar)

  71. Syncro Adventurewagen on


  73. Tail light update

  74. The Physics of Santa and His Reindeer

  75. The Return of the Queene (A Christmas Wish)

  76. Turbo Effects

  77. Upper control arm bushing dilemna

  78. VERY sticky '84 sliding door handle

  79. VERY sticky sliding door handle

  80. Vanagon Gas Mileage

  81. Vanagon fire detectors

  82. Vanagon fire fighting techniques

  83. Vanagon gas mileage

  84. Was rich running when cold.. now engine leaking...

  85. Was running rich cold...

  86. Westy Reefer Vent

  87. What makes a pyrometer's cable so special?

  88. Where to look for Westys in NY?

  89. Where's my O2 sensor - 1988 Weekender

  90. Xmas funnies from steven wright

  91. [Syncro] Syncro tranny into 2wd Vanagon

  92. [TDI-conversion] What makes a pyrometer's cable so special?

  93. anyone have a good 2.1L for sale?

  94. anyone seen ?

  95. broken sliding door handle.

  96. cameras for viewing front heater fan

  97. can the front blower motor be lubricated when it starts to squeal?

  98. cutting out bottom of airbox to increase air intake and add HP

  99. for sale: Wolfsburg/Carat weekender interior w/ bed/table, fits passenger vans

  100. for sale: drivers side westy screen

  101. head stuck to cylinders

  102. head stuck to cylinders / Penetrating Oils

  103. heads stuck, thanks all

  104. jumpseat for sale - add to westy or van behind front pass seat

  105. lubricating front heater fan

  106. making the trek once again (b'more to sfo)

  107. map sensor

  108. master replacement

  109. metal engine lids for sale..keeps flames out of your interior in ...

  110. metal engine lids for sale..keeps flames out of your interior in a engine fire

  111. metal lids...Re: Vanagon fire fighting techniques

  112. oil in coolant-cracked head-Thanks again!

  113. oil in coolant-cracked head?

  114. pn h pipe FS

  115. rear heater question

  116. reverse lights wiring?

  117. selling my 87 syncro GL

  118. speedometer & a new grind

  119. still WTB:

  120. transmisson swap

  121. vanagon Digest - 18 Dec 2003 to 19 Dec 2003 - Special issue (#2003-1185)

  122. vanagon gas mileage

  123. vw solar battery charger

  124. westy pop top inside covering "fabric" cleanup/ coverup question...

  125. xmas comments
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