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VANAGON archives – May 2009, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. (no subject)

  2. 1982 Diesel Engine starts slow after fluid changes...

  3. 2.1 dipstick suppoort bracket needed

  4. Air Cooled/Diesel Vanagon shifter linkage

  5. Alternator bracket needs repair

  6. Another FS in Austin- Westy

  7. Archive Search Function Down?

  8. Automatic Transmission Fluid and Gear Oil Comparison and Feedback please

  9. Automatic Transmission Fluid and Gear Oil Comparrison and Feedback please

  10. Awesome Product I Discovered.....WAX

  11. Best Practices for Engine Rebuild Break In Process

  12. Bumpers, Racks and Winches, Oh My!

  13. Buses in Bacalar

  14. CV Service and Repair Rates

  15. CV problem?

  16. Check out this Audi Powered Vanagon

  17. Cool Syncro...

  18. Cool Westy FS in San Antonio

  19. Cr@p!!!! Motor seized tonight

  20. Database designer?

  21. Digifant Information

  22. Engine conversion on 84 Westy

  23. FS 85 Wolfsburg Westfalia Without Kitchen W/73.4K

  24. FS in Austin TX-Various Westys

  25. Faucet Water Pump was Re: O2 Sensor Problem - Last Week

  26. Free Vanagon parts - Atlanta

  27. Front Heater Cores are Done!

  28. Front heater cores ready next week

  29. Fuse 9

  30. Fwd: [vanagon] Buses in Bacalar

  31. Help with poptop seal, ASI Syncro

  32. How to mount rear-swingarm rubbers - a photoguide

  33. It is Friday??? Here Driving music

  34. Last years Vanagon meeting at Fuen in Denmark

  35. Leaving Virginia for Maine .. Update

  36. Limited slip differential

  37. Looking for a PCB

  38. Looking for a PCB.\

  39. Maximum droop of rear trailing arms.

  40. Milestone approaching..300000..

  41. Moderator Comment Re: Check out this Audi Powered Vanagon

  42. Not a tire thread - BUT tire input is urgently needed!

  43. Now THATS a roof rack.

  44. O2 Sensor Problem - Last Week

  45. O2 Sensor?

  46. O2 sensor transition time

  47. Oil Suggestions

  48. Pics Requested: '90 Cladding (Front)

  49. Problems with mailing list (even with restored server)

  50. Progressive Dynamics charger, and Vitrifrigo installation questions

  51. Pushrod tube cracked HELP

  52. Re: Help with LÖBRO CV Boot part number / Syncro 16

  53. Real Pop top Conversion Solution for Non Pop Top Vanagon's

  54. Rear Brake Shoe Design Questions

  55. Rear Studs

  56. Recent Maintenance Accomplished

  57. Replacing Rocker Panel

  58. SDM 09 pics

  59. Single battery setup using a marine battery

  60. Spark Plugs

  61. Speedo Calibration help needed

  62. Splash plate behind Rotors

  63. Surepower 1315 and charging issues

  64. Surepower 1315, auxiliary fuse block,

  65. Surepower 1315, auxiliary fuse block, Progressive Dynamics charger, and Vitrifrigo installation questions

  66. Syncro (no engine) 74K miles. $2800

  67. Synthetics was [VANAGON] vanagon Digest - 29 Apr 2009 - Special issue (#2009-370)

  68. Test, please disregard

  69. Tie Die pop-up tent?

  70. To-do list while transaxle is out.

  71. VW Fox question (NVC)

  72. Vanagon (Digifant ) ECU 2.1 MV

  73. Vanagon Diesel Radiator (need bad one)

  74. Vanagon Panels Available?

  75. Westy Before & After.....

  76. Westy vs. Sprinter, Fulltiming

  77. What's the scoop?

  78. [WetWesties] Source For Decals

  79. cig lighter green bezel light

  80. cr@p!!!! Motor seized tonight

  81. limited slip differential (LVC)

  82. limited slip differential (LVC) and squeaky front end

  83. limited slip differential question

  84. mattress cover for rear

  85. speedo cable busted?

  86. trip report ... very short journey

  87. vanagon Digest - 29 Apr 2009 - Special issue (#2009-370)

  88. vanagon poptop section for sale...add to your hardtop van (east coast)
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