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VANAGON archives – September 2010, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. 1.9 > 2.1 cooling kit?

  2. 1.9l cooling system parts and p/n.

  3. 2.1 for sale

  4. 87 Westy in St Louis

  5. <No subject>

  6. =?us-ascii?Q?RE:_The_Vacation_Day_that_Wouldn't_Go_Right?=

  7. =?utf-8?B?TlZDOiAgVGhlIFZhY2F0aW9uIERheSB0aGF0IFdvdWxkbuKAmXQgR28gUmln?= =?utf-8?B?aHQ=?=

  8. =?windows-1252?Q?Re=3A_NVC=3A_The_Vacation_Day_that_Wouldn=92t_Go_Right?=

  9. A minimal tool kit?

  10. AC advice

  11. Andrew Grebneff Memorial Fund - Help Requested

  12. Andrew Grebneff article

  13. Bug Out And Buses By The Trax

  14. Bus BOO! October 1-3 West Olive, MI (Buses By the Beach Event)

  15. Buses By The Depot and Bus Depot Warehouse Sale

  16. Clutch alignment tool? and Lapping compound ?

  17. ETKA 7 Install Aborts

  18. Electrical Crimp Connectors - How-to Video

  19. Engine hunting - Temp sensor suspected

  20. Fw: Fwd: Australian Etiquette

  21. Fwd: Boston Bob on Connecting Rod Bolts

  22. Goofy CB + Coolant LED Stuff! (sorta friday content)

  23. High Idle

  24. How much should parts cost?

  25. I'm also looking for tires for my Vanagon Westy

  26. Im also looking for tires for my Vanagon westy

  27. Inline 4 VW gas Vanagon motor work in progress

  28. Looking for a steel 14" wheel in San Diego

  29. NVC: The Vacation Day that =?UTF-8?B?V291bGRu4oCZdCBHbyBSaWc=?= =?UTF-8?B?aHQ=?=

  30. Need Carfax report

  31. Need help in Chicago area..thermostat hosuing blown.

  32. Need rear hatch window in NC

  33. Oil cooler in 1980-1982 air-cooled buses?

  34. Oil cooler in 1980-1982 aircooled buses?

  35. Passat 2004 alloy wheels

  36. Poptop Shocks!!

  37. Progress on the Mellow Yellow front

  38. Propane tank Certification.

  39. Propane tank certification.

  40. Propane tank question

  41. Rear wheel over half in muddy water. Need to repack bearings or ???

  42. Repairing heater blowers

  43. Riggins, Idaho - brake caliper?

  44. Running Vanagon, $75, right now - HELP! - Chicago/Evanston area

  45. Shore Power Battery Charger

  46. Shore Power Battery Charger - better link

  47. Should I rebuild the bottom end? Questions & photos.

  48. Sightings...

  49. Spare Ignition

  50. Strummerville (Joe Strummer that is)

  51. springs & OME shocks available SOLD

  52. springs shocks available

  53. This is what Andrew sent to me after he heard our van died last year

  54. Time for a new Radio, Any suggestions?

  55. Tow bar question

  56. Transmission slippage - help!

  57. Trip Report: Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily

  58. Turbo Specialist/Rebuilder needed for LT40

  59. Update for BNNTA event this weekend!

  60. Used 2.1 for sale

  61. Van-O-Rama #10 on September 11, 2010

  62. Vanagons at Pick 'n' Pull

  63. WTB - Adjustable Passenger Armrest (Grey)

  64. WTB: Rear hatch name badge?

  65. Was: Westlake Tires Now Michelin LT MS

  66. We've lost another one....

  67. Westlake Tires

  68. Westlake Tires Now Michelin LT MS

  69. anyone seen this one ...washer/wiper

  70. blue wire

  71. fix one problem, get a starter problem

  72. fryday electric car stuff .. ford and Left coast centric

  73. help for a new owner

  74. rear valence =?UTF-8?Q?trim=3F?=

  75. rear valence trim?

  76. wetfalia stock weight
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