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VANAGON archives – December 2012, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. 16" alloys for vanagon

  2. 2 Hankook 14" tires in Boulder

  3. Aero mod to Westy roof

  4. Auto Trans Audi

  5. Automatic reply: vanagon Digest - 8 Dec 2012 to 9 Dec 2012 (#2012-344)

  6. Blue Seas CL-Series BatteryLink ACR strangeness

  7. Bolt size

  8. Coolant

  9. Danfoss VS Sawafuji Compressor. Which is Electrically More Efficient?

  10. Dash pad or Dashboard Wanted

  11. Dash restoration

  12. FW: Coolant

  13. Fluids Analysis!

  14. Friday NVC-- Ultimate amphibious RV

  15. Friday Stuff for "Cars" Fans

  16. Friday humor. A parody on the tool company we love to hate.

  17. Friday musings on the pleasures of the "old car hobby"

  18. Friday musings on the pleasures of the "old car hobby" Fox Clutch cables

  19. Friday: Of Starters and Beautiful Women

  20. Heater flap foam replacement detail

  21. Heater flap foam replacement detail-Lever 4

  22. How does the front heater core get filled/bled?

  23. Ignition Switch - now another problem there

  24. Ignition Switch Housing Removal

  25. Is it open-cell foam if it doesn't say closed-cell? (heater flap material)

  26. La Grande Oregon to Seattle

  27. Longer bleeder screw safe?

  28. Mexican insurance, was: Baja Whales 2013 trip planned, Mar 1-10

  29. More Friday Stuff You Think You Are Driving An Old Vehicle?

  30. More Friday Stuff, Credit Card Guarantees

  31. More On Difference Between the 1.9 and 2.1

  32. Need the ever-popular 85 Instrument Cluster with tach or just the Foil

  33. OT - but need help.

  34. Oil change intervals, miles vs. time

  35. PeachState Transporters in Atlanta, GA

  36. Power steering U-joint

  37. Recommend Pet Barrier

  38. Roads down to Laughlin from Vancouver Island in January

  39. Starter Motor Sudden Failure: Normal?

  40. Upper steering column grease recommendation and what else to do while replacing ignition switch

  41. Virginia to Alaska -- Thanks to many people

  42. Virginia to Alaska and back -- Late July to Sept trip report and pictures--long

  43. Virginia to Alaska and back--maps, Internet, places to camp, and modifications to the van

  44. WANTED: Wheelchair lift vanagon, or wheelchair lift itself

  45. WTB or borrow Projektzwo or Taifun grill

  46. What to lube on wipers when dash is off?

  47. You know how just when you think you're wrapping up, the radiator bleeder screw head shears off?

  48. Yup, I solidly guarantee ALL my work, (here I go into the AT again)

  49. [WetWesties] reminder- Baja Whales 2013 trip planned, Mar 1-10

  50. cheap source for 12V SAE connectors for solar panels?

  51. dash heater flaps

  52. friday - driving in russia

  53. high temp thermistat

  54. reminder- Baja Whales 2013 trip planned, Mar 1-10

  55. slow seatbelts noisy windshield wipers

  56. starter turns except when the battery is disconnected but does not turn engine-solenoid problem?

  57. vanagon Digest - 11 Dec 2012 to 12 Dec 2012 - Special issue (#2012-348)

  58. window crank extensions
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