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VANAGON archives – September 2013, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '85 Westy 2.1 complete conversion.

  2. 1987 Westy for sale - $6000

  3. 1991 Westy For Sale-Not Mine

  4. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IElkZWEgYWJvdXQgZ29pbmcgdG8gd2FybWVyIGNsaW1hdGUgZm9yIHdpbnRl?= =?utf-8?B?ciBhbmQgc2VydmljaW5nIFZhbmFnb25z?=

  5. A Different Coolant Problem

  6. Anderton Lake CG: Nice!

  7. Arm rests

  8. Big RV parks

  9. Calling Bill Monk

  10. Cause of brake rotor warping

  11. Coolant top up and headlamps loose

  12. Deer Whistles- - do they work?

  13. Deer whistles--do they work?

  14. Dometic Check Valve

  15. Driveline vibration 87 automatic

  16. Engine Conversions

  17. Ethanol free gas

  18. Floor Jack on Sale at HF

  19. Floor jack placement for tire rotation

  20. Friday, Karma and AT Fluid

  21. Friday: 2.0 new beetle question

  22. Front end looseness

  23. Go Westy Big Brake kit

  24. Headlamp adjusters

  25. Headlamp, socket and adjusters

  26. Help! I've got Vanagon Gremlins!!!

  27. Hit a deer today in my Vanagon

  28. ISO : rocker arm shaft carrier

  29. Idea about going to warmer climate for winter and servicing Vanagons

  30. In need of two sensors for late Vanagon AC system

  31. Kudos to Airhead Parts

  32. Long Time listers B-Day !!!

  33. Luggage Rack underside -- washers and felt pads

  34. Mobil1 15-50 and setting a new piston ring

  35. Multiple Vanagons For Sale

  36. Need a new part for Dometic

  37. ORRsOlH20Boxer ~ BOTRA

  38. Power window lube

  39. Rear Heater fan trouble shoot tips

  40. Rear Vibration

  41. Reports from 14-day camping trip

  42. Second Westy

  43. Second Westy - pix...finally...maybe

  44. Shop Recommendations in NY, NY

  45. Subject: Help! I've got Vanagon Gremlins!!!

  46. Syncro Critic

  47. The Universe knows I exist and it has a wicked sense of humor

  48. Unca Joel's Volksiebus - now on Craigslist

  49. Van-O-Rama 9/14/13

  50. Van-O-Ramming

  51. Vanagon Sighting on YouTube

  52. Why Bigger Brakes Was Cause of brake rotor warping

  53. diesel westy in NJ carsdotcom

  54. driver's and passenger cab floor metal needed

  55. email address for transmission advice

  56. head studs - when to replace?

  57. headlamps loose

  58. looking for a front reciever

  59. muffler mounting bolts size 1.9

  60. need help Transmission trouble in Newfoundland

  61. request for information, please

  62. vanagon Digest - 9 Sep 2013 - Special issue (#2013-422)

  63. wow, what thanks I owe you folks!
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